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Kristina Stancil  
Kristina Stancil has a BA in Social and Criminal Justice and an MH in English. I am located in Houma, LA about 45 minutes from New Orleans, LA. Kristin has been published extensively and the awards I've won have been listed below. AWARDS: 2001...
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Odilia Galvan Rodriguez  
Odilia Galvan Rodriguez is an Chicana/Apache community artist and activist. She has worked as a Human Resources professional, community and labor organizer, teacher and cultural worker, writer/editor and translator. Over the years she has volunteered and served on many governing boards of no...
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Joseph Steadman  
Joseph G. Steadman an award winning Christian Poet works which some of include: "O' weep of Night", "I have seen Beyond", "The Ancient's Heart", "The Waters of Time", and "Requiem of a Trial." An ordained Minister, in service for over 36+ years, my heart's cry is the show the heart...
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Leon Qafzezi(Writer-Filmmaker-Critic)Born in Tirane,Albania,in 1953. Graduated in "Academy of Art"(1977) in Tirane.Worked some time in village for experience of live..Worked in Film-Studio"New Albania"and "Alb-Film Distribution"in duty,Producer,Inspector of Films,and Actor...Head of" Council of...
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Thoko Banda  
Having lived for four decades, in four distinct cultures, on four continents, and having overcome life on the margins of society under a brutal dictatorship and as a State-less refugee, I have been fortunate to draw from insights and experiences gained while serving in the influential corr...
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Tina Rae Collins  
Tina Rae Collins is a freelance writer and copyeditor. She is a graduate of Pikeville College, Pikeville, Kentucky. She has authored ten books: Down Mare Creek Road; Up Hurricane Road; My Little Children, I Write Unto You: A Handbook for Growing Up in the Lord; Tales from the Coop; The Soup...
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Lynn Pinder  
Lynn Pinder writes short stories and poems that speak to the heart and soul of woman on the edge. Her characters honest and intense - accentuate a Baltimore flair that is rarely portrayed from a Christian perspective. She writes candidly about the hopes, dreams, fears, struggles, and triumphs...
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Christine Umscheid  
BRIEF BIOGRAPHY Christina-Marie (Christina-Marie Umscheid), born 1946 in Weiden, Germany was raised in Saint Louis, Missouri and has lived in Petoskey, Michigan since 1976. Publishings include such magazines as; CHICAGO REVIEW, HIRAM POETRY REVIEW, CALIBAN, ODYSSEY, THE POETRY REVIEW, ...
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John Coutermash  
until now all of my published materials are in magazines. (Over a thousand times) I am retired and have been in dozens of periodicals but because my magazine stuff is rather racy I always use AKAs with the initials JC. Presenly I have three books that are ready to go on the block. One is a story abo...
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