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Kathryn Lively  
Kathryn Lively is the author of LITTLE FLOWERS, an inspirational fiction novel from Highbridge Press. She has penned numerous non-fiction articles about the Internet for Link-UP Magazine and The Net, among others. She is currently working on a second novel.
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David Payne  
Published Songs forthe Old Century, Fidlar Doubleday Press, Spring 2001 Sells through Amazon.com - (listing URL below) - Price: $20.99 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1401004431/ref=pd_rhf_p_1/103-517924 6-5071063?v=glance&s=books
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Mark Leslie Lefebvre  
A writer of fiction, science fiction, horror and speculative literature, Mark's first passions are writing and books. His day job sees him managing the data for Canada's largest book retailer (Indigo Books & Music Inc -- www.chapters.indigo.ca).
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Xiao-Coing Hu  
Sha Yan is a writer and a poet in both Chinese and English languages. He has a thought-invoking and stylish writing habit. He published work, Yuan's Place by Sha Yan and some poetry work in some American Anthologies such as Eternal Portraits.
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Dawn Farnham  
Born, living, not yet dead. Have fun with it they say but its too long, living it is fun, writing about it .. well. I have a blog if you want to talk about books, writing and stuff - not me. http://creaturesmostabsurd.blogspot.com.
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Richard Patrick Hodgins  
born2~14~1960with parent patsyann carmode9~8~30&john joseph2~1~30 also his memrowbila is in~ jade elephant@in richmond, virgina us fifty~eight club@in berkley~hayward, california us spring valley libary@in spring valley, nevada us
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Brenda Faure  
started singin at 6 first solo wrote my first love song at 12..............always love to read and write still do never cared about the business part..it was just natural to me..the business part is the real work
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Doug Friedman  
Screenwriter: "Kitty and Weenie" "Dead Principles" Gonzo journalist/columnist for "City on a Hill" press and "Kresge Town Crier", UC Santa Cruz. Singer/songwriter at Canters, Highland Grounds, McCabes.
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The Late Mitchell Warren  
Yeah, there's something wrong with him. You can hear him rant on like a crazy person at: http://twitter.com/writersblock00 http://thelatemitchellwarren.blogspot.com/ http://subversify.com/
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