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Liam Seeley  
Barriers are meant to be overcome -- if they weren't, no one would have bothered putting the barrier there in the first place. I have been published in a bunch of small press zines and anthologies -- offline and online -- generally in the literary, new age or horror niches. I am most often publish...
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Mark Gallant  
Born and raised in the great state of Massachusetts. Had aspirations to play Major League Baseball, specifically for the Boston Red Sox, but things don't always go as planned. Decided to go to film school instead, and spent ten years as an independent filmmaker. The term "independent" here means ...
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James French  
What is the Author to say about Himself? He is dead, and yet he continues to hammer out missives into the darkness as though there were a body of living flesh that some Seeker could hope to communicate with. It is a farce. Yet we play it to the full, because it is ours. When his bones are picked ...
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Morven Westfield  
I'm a technical writer by trade who has been interested in the supernatural since my high school days. My first novel, DARKSOME THIRST, was published in 2003 by Harvest Shadows Publications. It's a suspenseful tale of vampires and witches that starts when a very logical computer operator encounters ...
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George Moore  
George Moore\'s interests and experiences in this mysterious world we live in have led him to study history, anthropology, sociology and man\'s myriad myths and beliefs. He has traveled to various parts of the country and the world, following the adjunct \"seek knowledge, seek even unto China\". Ge...
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Charlotte Boyett-Compo  
I am a multi-published author of speculative fiction: horror, paranormal romance, SF/Futuristic, dark fantasy, mystery/thriller, sword & sorcery adventure and dark romance. I have been written up in Writer's Digest's Publishing Success magazine and my 18 published novels have won many awards. I have...
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Michael Finn  
Michael Ashleigh Finn has been working science fiction and animation conventions for literally longer than he can remember, since at the tender age of twenty he developed retrograde experiential amnesia...a life changing event if ever there was one. Still, his wry wit mostly likely developed from th...
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Karla Brandenburg  
Thanks for stopping by. I’m Karla Brandenburg, I’m married, and had the privilege of raising two children. Now I get to enjoy grandchildren. My assistant is an orange tabby, lovingly referred to as “the blonde cat.” Raised on the gothic romances of Victoria Holt, I also enjoyed readi...
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V Artemis Reyd  
An eclectic solitary practioner, V. Artemis Reyd has been writing since the eighth grade, her first story about an evil 'Hand of Doom', her first characters herself and four boys she liked from school. Having progressed from that point, she now writes horror thrillers, many with Pagan/Wiccan themes...
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