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Scott Morton  
A well educated New England upbringing lead to a restless search for meaning. Various paths taken as a Biker, Soldier, and Construction Worker, combined with an all around gypsy-like lifestyle have given me a well rounded respect for the world we create. Clouds Jumping – by: Scott V Morton ...
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Toby Heathcotte  
Since first grade when I organized the neighborhood kids to produce a play, I've loved theatre, literature, and writing, subjects I taught in high school and college. I have struggled to understand my psychic experiences, including past life memories and precognitive dreams, and have come to trust...
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Edward O'Toole  
Edward O'Toole was born in the historic English city of Chester. Having moved around the United Kingdom in early childhood, living in North Wales, the Yorkshire Moors and near to the Uffington White Horse, he was educated at Isaac Newton’s old school in Grantham and later studied Culture, poetry and...
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Penny Parish  
I was born in upstate New York and still reside there. I have had one book published in 1989 called the Weavers of Times which is no longer on the shelves as all rights were sold to me by co-author. It is in the hands of a agent hopefully to be made into a TV movie or special. I am a NYS Criminal...
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T. M. Moore  
T. M. Moore is an avid reader and writer of science fantasy adventure and a fan of films and television in those genres. Moore has a degree from Los Angeles Valley College and writes from a practical, secular point of view, with the slant toward keeping the reader engaged with visual action, scienti...
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Alexander D. Banyan  
Born in Southern Ohio, migrated to the Virgin Islands at 19, and presently living on the ICW of Eastern Florida. I am a experienced sailor and island hopper. Check out my MAP at facebook.com/adbanyan. That experience along with all the interesting friends I have made, usually finds its...
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Josi Beck  
J.L. Beck is the Amazon Best Selling Author in Teen & Young Adult Short Stories of Bittersweet Revenge (A Bittersweet Novella Book 1) as well as Bittersweet Love which is book two in the series. She lives in Elroy, WI with her husband Brandon, and daughter Bella. Since the moment she could reach...
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Xanna Vinson  
My first novel, The Song of an Emerald Dove, was published in August 2005 -- and has gone into its second printing. In February 2007 it won the COVR (Coalition of Visionary Resources) People's Choice Award for Best Book at the INATS (International New Age Trade Show) East in Orlando FL. I have wr...
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PuMa Tse  
The once and former professor, academic dean, and elusive Zen master with an impossibly long vita, now.... Pu (the naturally shaped wood, the ideogram shown) Ma (that is profound) Tse (son or master) if you must have a name. This is a void, stripped away by the wilderness along with nearly everythin...
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