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Linda Strawn  
I'm a native Californian, born and raised in rural Sonoma County, an area known for its rugged coastline, oak-studded hills, and fabulous vineyards. I've had an interest in writing for as long as I can remember. Penning short stories and poems came easy to me and provided an outlet for my wild imm...
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Chitra Soundar  
Chitra Soundar is a writer whose work is enriched by her diverse professional experience and inspired by the ethnic culture of India. A computer software professional by vocation, for the last 11 years, excelling in Computer Education, Career Counseling and Software development, her interest i...
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Dominic Hurst  
In September 2002 I made a big decision. I had spent six years studying immunology and dentistry, and then another three years treating lovely folk in a dental practice in Berkshire where I lived on a canal boat. One night the boat blew up with me in it. I survived with superficial burns but decide...
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Karen Cronacher  
I received my Masters degree in Creative Writing from Brown University, and my Ph.D. in drama from the University of Washington. I taught playwriting at Brown, and taught acting, directing, and theater design at the U.W. My plays have been produced on National Public Radio; in Austin, Texas; in Sea...
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Ben Campbell  
I have traveled around the world and lived in fifteen countries. I write tough Reality-Fiction splashed with urban, ubiquitous, multi-layered adventures, highlighted with investigative reporting, strident photography and razer-sharp realism. I had won the redroom.com 2008 Memorable Summer Read Wr...
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Marios Koutsoukos  
Marios Koutsoukos was born in 1983. He has a degree of French Language and Literature from the National University of Athens framed on his wall and a mess on his desk. An amateur historian and antiquarian, he is deeply fascinated by ancient texts and old books, especially those dealing with th...
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Kyle Allen  
Now a missionary in Thialand, serving the Lord. I previously lived and wrote in New York City for the past several years. I have written and/or edited for every major music magazine, including VIBE, Source, Spin and underground culture magazines like Strength. My fiction has been in many literar...
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John Miller  
Note: I am updating this BIO on 2/4/2011, since it has not been updated in a very long time. *************** *************** 1) I recently created a successful marketing campaign promoting New York Times Bestseller David Farland's "Daily Kick in the Pants," a newsletter for writers. I promoted ...
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Tom Taylor  
I am retired and have been writing since the late 1950s. I finally decided to "polish up" some of my stories for publication and ended up writing a totally new yarn. I am married with two grown children and a grandson...and a dog. I have to have a dog. My father left home at about tens years...
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