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Chitra Soundar  
Chitra Soundar is a writer whose work is enriched by her diverse professional experience and inspired by the ethnic culture of India. A computer software professional by vocation, for the last 11 years, excelling in Computer Education, Career Counseling and Software development, her interest i...
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Dominic Hurst  
In September 2002 I made a big decision. I had spent six years studying immunology and dentistry, and then another three years treating lovely folk in a dental practice in Berkshire where I lived on a canal boat. One night the boat blew up with me in it. I survived with superficial burns but decide...
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Karen Cronacher  
I received my Masters degree in Creative Writing from Brown University, and my Ph.D. in drama from the University of Washington. I taught playwriting at Brown, and taught acting, directing, and theater design at the U.W. My plays have been produced on National Public Radio; in Austin, Texas; in Sea...
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Ben Campbell  
I have traveled around the world and lived in fifteen countries. I write tough Reality-Fiction splashed with urban, ubiquitous, multi-layered adventures, highlighted with investigative reporting, strident photography and razer-sharp realism. I had won the redroom.com 2008 Memorable Summer Read Wr...
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Marios Koutsoukos  
Marios Koutsoukos was born in 1983. He has a degree of French Language and Literature from the National University of Athens framed on his wall and a mess on his desk. An amateur historian and antiquarian, he is deeply fascinated by ancient texts and old books, especially those dealing with th...
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Kyle Allen  
Now a missionary in Thialand, serving the Lord. I previously lived and wrote in New York City for the past several years. I have written and/or edited for every major music magazine, including VIBE, Source, Spin and underground culture magazines like Strength. My fiction has been in many literar...
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John Miller  
Note: I am updating this BIO on 2/4/2011, since it has not been updated in a very long time. *************** *************** 1) I recently created a successful marketing campaign promoting New York Times Bestseller David Farland's "Daily Kick in the Pants," a newsletter for writers. I promoted ...
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Tom Taylor  
I am retired and have been writing since the late 1950s. I finally decided to "polish up" some of my stories for publication and ended up writing a totally new yarn. I am married with two grown children and a grandson...and a dog. I have to have a dog. My father left home at about tens years...
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Dan Barden  
Barden grew up and lived in Michigan for 48 years. 3 years ago, he moved to Colorado, seeking the beauty and energy of the mountains. As he hoped, his creativity was unleashed by these energies, as he has just published his first book, "Andawehi, Sister of the Wolf". It is an inspirational/myster...
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