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Ola Vay  
Iíve been writing prolifically for the past twelve years. Currently, I have two published fiction novels, Beauty Of A Black Woman, and Georgia Peaches, five finished, nine unfinished screenplays for full-feature films, a collection of published, and unpublished of over fifty poems and short stories...
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Michael Rada  
born on x-mass day 1971 years after Christ I have found in 1989 my ability to write. Non-fiction, fiction, poetry, haiku and lot of newspaper articles all that has influenced my life. Reading from the age of 6 there are many of favourit authors starting by Umberto Eco, finishing by Chan Schan. 4 o...
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Karl Lancaster  
Born and raised in London, England. Date of birth 1955. Have had a huge amount of jobs and over the years (over 40) done quite a few martial arts. Hold several black belts and was a world champion in kung fu. Now married with two children and live in Romford Essex. Teach first aid and tai chi ...
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Anand  Bose  
I hail from Kurianoor, a small village hamlet in Kerala, India. Kerala one of the fifty destinations to be visited as per national geographic is known from its mystic and tranquil backwaters, lulling beaches and aromatic gardens of tea, cardamom and other spices. There's a joke about me that...
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Nicholas Pendleton  
Writer of short stories in the literary and New Wave Fabulist veins. I'm currently working on two collections of short stories and a novel. My fiction, nonfiction and illustrations have appeared in print and on the Web. Below is only a partial list of my published work and only covers stories a...
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Black Dragon  
A Big Science Fiction fan. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. I love Asian movies: Chinese especially. Kung-fu movies are my favorite genre. As there are not much good Sci-Fi in Asian movies. Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li,, are some of my Heroes. I used to practice Ma...
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Marko Vidojkovic  
Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1975. Published five novels so far: "Ples sitnih demona", "Djavo je moj drug", "Pikavci na plazi", "Kandze" and "Sve crvenkape su iste". "Ples sitnih demona" was translated in English and German. "Kandze" was the best selling serbian novel in 2005, a and th...
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Mark LaFlamme  
My name is Mark LaFlamme. I'm a crime reporter and columnist at the Sun Journal in Lewiston, Maine. I stay up until dawn, sleep until noon and take the week of Halloween off every year. I'm the author of "The Pink Room," the story of a leading physicist who attempts to use the science of string theo...
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Izzy Cult  
My Name is Izzy Cult, also known as Riz Stamps. I am a fifteen year old writer, i write Poems, Songs, and Novels. At this time I am writing over fifteen novels, three songs, and a few poems, I have one complete Novel, and many complete poems and songs. I may be young, but I have a mind that goes...
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