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Joseph Steadman  
Joseph G. Steadman an award winning Christian Poet works which some of include: "O' weep of Night", "I have seen Beyond", "The Ancient's Heart", "The Waters of Time", and "Requiem of a Trial." An ordained Minister, in service for over 36+ years, my heart's cry is the show the heart...
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Baron Brady  
An author of many published novels such as Palpable Obscure, Malachi, Osireion's Library and Extant, Baron Brady is also a screenwriter specializing in sci-fi, historical and metaphysical stories. Some of his scripts – including Babalon and Da Vinci’s Angels – reached the finals of screenplay ...
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Thoko Banda  
Having lived for four decades, in four distinct cultures, on four continents, and having overcome life on the margins of society under a brutal dictatorship and as a State-less refugee, I have been fortunate to draw from insights and experiences gained while serving in the influential corr...
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Lakis Fourouklas  
I was born in Zimbabwe in 1970, but i grew up in Cyprus. I have lived in Greece and Thailand. I have published a number of short stories in various literature e-magazines, as well as in the "na ena milo" magazine of Greece and "Exaggelos" of Cyprus. I have published two short stories collections and...
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C. michelle  Bryant  
In addition to being a self-published author of four books, Michelle is an entrepreneur, artist, speaker, and a multi-award winning, published photographer. Michelle has shared her story, passion and light through various engagements across the United States from Florida to Alaska and has appear...
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Tonya L Chatelain  
Author Tonya L. Chatelain Raised on a farm in Kentucky Ms. Chatelain has worked & volunteered for many years as a crisis intervention counselor. She is an excellent Mum to her teenagers as well as an author & Accomplished artist. Several of her paintings have been shown in galleries. S...
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Erica Hidvegi  
I enjoy writing a variety of literary work, both fiction and non-fiction, pieces on a variety of issues either current, in-high debate, left-alone or virtually ignored. I can be simple, verbose, or somewhere in-between as I embrace my imagination and weave it into my awakened reality allowing me to ...
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John Coutermash  
until now all of my published materials are in magazines. (Over a thousand times) I am retired and have been in dozens of periodicals but because my magazine stuff is rather racy I always use AKAs with the initials JC. Presenly I have three books that are ready to go on the block. One is a story abo...
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Nikki Ashley  
I'm a sky-high pair of platforms in a closet full of flats. I like to tell people that I'm widowed so that they think no man would ever leave me unless he had to, but that's a lie. My bio always ends up sounding like such a personal ad. I'll make my best attempt to avoid that... I'm one of those ...
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