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Tabitha Pike  
Tabitha R Pike resides in a quaint little valley between two towering mountains with her husband and three children. She spent five years living beside the Hills of Copper off Hwy 64 in the county she was originally born. Living in Southern County of the great state of Georgia and Tennessee she le...
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Timothy G. Davis  
This site is about writing, and soldiers. I served worldwide while assigned to elite units and had the honor and opportunity to travel extensively. I've lived in Central America as both a soldier and a civilian. These rich experiences have allowed me to write more realistically. I can remember going...
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Pat Winter  
2011 \\\"JAGUAR KING\\\" (novel) now on Kindle and hard-copy available at Amazon.com, about the Maya Indian influence on Mississippi Valley Indians at Cahokia, Illinois. 2011 \\\"MEN OF COLOR\\\" (novel) in-progress collaboration with Leni Ashmore Sorensen \\\"1865\\\" TV Series and Novel. Seve...
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Alex Domokos  
News! News! News! My co-authored suspense book entitled Body Traffic was short-listed for the Margaret Laurence Book Award! Body Traffic is the print version of our e-book entitled Masquerade. Please read my Bio, below. Alex Warmest Greetings: I was born in Szabadka, Yugoslav in 19...
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Romoulous Malachi  
Romoulous Malachi is the alias name for Gerald Colley. The name Romoulous Malachi means builder and and messenger. The prefix Romoulous is symbolic to his foundation Miroglyphics that he built for a new age of intellect providing direction for all generations that have made it into 21st Century or t...
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Robert Gallinger  
Robert Gallinger served in the U.S. Army for over twenty-five years (12 years enlisted, 3 years warrant officer and 10 years as a commissioned officer), retiring as a major. He served another seventeen years with the National Security Agency and the Department of the Army as a civil servant. Ente...
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Paul Desautels  
Paul Desautels has always been fascinated by history and how men and women react under pressure. During his career as a Banker, Personnel and Corporate Rrecruiter, Director of Security, Inspector General, Teacher, and Keynote and Motivational Speaker, he spent a lifetime going over and analyzing the...
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Sharon Bidwell  
Sharon was born in London on New Year’s Eve. She has always followed many creative pursuits. Eventually, her love of books and a wild imagination compelled her to focus on writing. The first short story she submitted — Silver Apples of the Moon — was accepted by Roadworks Magazine. The editor ...
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Michael Walling  
Mikes expertise encompasses leadership, international terror, trans-national crime, human trafficking, piracy and counter piracy operations as well as geo-political and military history. He is an internationally recognized historian, author, and speaker. His book, Bloodstained Sea: The U.S. Coas...
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3 works listed

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