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Elizabeth Appell  
Elizabeth Appell’s writing life began in business. Appell formed a small public relations firm, her main account was the Golden Gate Bride; she founded and published DIGIT, a computer magazine for kids; with a partner she founded a company that developed twenty-two hotels and turned them into senior...
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Beth Agnew  
Frustrated at the age of 5 by a toy typewriter that didn't really type, Beth Agnew has been pursuing improvements in communication technology most of her life. She was first published at 14, and continued to write for magazines and newspapers even when sidetracked by a short career in military telec...
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María Cristina Azcona-Poetisa Argentina  
Maria Cristina Azcona Escritora argentina Poetisa argentina Novelista y ensayista Experta de la UNESCO para Educación por la Paz y Literatura por la Paz. Directora para Argentina DEL IFLAC: Foro Internacional de Literatura Y Cultura por la Paz Directora y fundadora del club de poe...
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Robert Swanepoel  
R. Eric Swanepoel (author of "Saving the World and Being Happy") More biographical details here: http://www.hometown.aol.co.uk/computerager/biography.htm Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, I grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Pretoria, South Africa. I returned to the UK in 1987 after obtaining my ...
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Maureen McMahon  
Maureen was born in Niles, Michigan. She studied English and creative writing, first at Niles High School and later at Western Michigan University. She earned an English Major/Creative Writing Emphasis from WMU and obtained teaching certification. Fascinated with her mother’s country of birth, Ma...
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Erica Miner  
Violinist turned author Erica Miner has had a multi- faceted career as an award-winning screenwriter, author and poet. A native of Detroit, she studied music at Boston University and the New England Conservatory of Music. After experiencing a variety of highs and lows in her quest to forge ...
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Elle Newmark  
Visit me at www.ellenewmark.com For many years I worked as an advertising drone writing copy to sell everything from musical instruments to fertilizer–the sublime to the ridiculous. In 1985 I moved from the U.S. to Europe where I lived for seven years. During that time I traveled incessen...
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Sharon Bidwell  
Sharon was born in London on New Year’s Eve. She has always followed many creative pursuits. Eventually, her love of books and a wild imagination compelled her to focus on writing. The first short story she submitted — Silver Apples of the Moon — was accepted by Roadworks Magazine. The editor ...
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Karen E Smith  
The best way I find to concisely describe myself is to simply say, there are billions of pieces that comprise my life's puzzle. I'll share a few of them with you: 1. For all of my life experiences and wisdom gained, I give thanks to God. 2. I can truly say that I am an extremely happy person w...
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