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Leon Qafzezi(Writer-Filmmaker-Critic)Born in Tirane,Albania,in 1953. Graduated in "Academy of Art"(1977) in Tirane.Worked some time in village for experience of live..Worked in Film-Studio"New Albania"and "Alb-Film Distribution"in duty,Producer,Inspector of Films,and Actor...Head of" Council of...
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Athena Workman  
Athena Workman is the editor-in-chief of "Lost in the Dark", a quarterly horror and dark fantasy zine primarily created to feature new and emerging writers. The zine showcases fiction, poetry, reviews and articles, and features original artwork. In addition to her editing duties, she is a well-p...
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Ted Roberts  
I have been a European historian and writer for the past twenty years, experimenting with different story ideas along the way. As a result of my swashbuckling and historical interests, I have even created a website that reflects these historical diggings, which is called The Swashbuckling Press. The...
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Philip Effiong  
Originally from Akwa-Ibom State in Nigeria, I have written a total of three books. My first, a text on African-American drama, was published in 2000 by University Press of America and currently appears in such sites as Amazon.com. It is titled, IN SEARCH OF A MODEL FOR AFRICAN-AMERICAN DRAMA. In ...
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MN Norton  
I am a graduate of Eastern Washington University where I received a B.A. in both History and Political Science. I decided to retire from politics after ten years and devote my time to writing. Helix is the first of a series of novels which explore the world of US/Russian intelligence. A second...
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Piera Sarasini  
Piera Sarasini was born in Brescia, Italy, and moved to the UK in 1987. She lived in London, Edinburgh and Belfast. Educated at the Chartered Institute of Linguists, London, and the Queen’s University, Belfast, she holds a Degree and Post Graduate Studies in Linguistics, Social Anthropol...
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Thoko Banda  
Having lived for four decades, in four distinct cultures, on four continents, and having overcome life on the margins of society under a brutal dictatorship and as a State-less refugee, I have been fortunate to draw from insights and experiences gained while serving in the influential corr...
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Lakis Fourouklas  
I was born in Zimbabwe in 1970, but i grew up in Cyprus. I have lived in Greece and Thailand. I have published a number of short stories in various literature e-magazines, as well as in the "na ena milo" magazine of Greece and "Exaggelos" of Cyprus. I have published two short stories collections and...
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John Gill  
I have published a non-fiction book on parental abduction ("Stolen Children", Seaview Books, 1981) and numerous articles on missing children and the scandal of missing children. Edit a newsletter for Children's Rights of New York, Inc., a non-profit missing child and child safety agency on Long Isla...
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