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Jay Roudebush  
Jay grew up in a Navy family and traveled extensively when he was young. He retired from teaching in 2010, and now devotes much of his spare time to writing. He recently publish Secret of the Scarab, a young adult adventure novel, and currently is working on his second young adult book, When We Were...
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J.C. Slimey  
I am a first time writer recently self published my fictional book utilizing Createspace.com and have sold a few copies so far through the Amazon.com website. I technically suck at the english language and do not mind being vulgar when needed. I have earned a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice min...
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Matt Gallagher  
A playwright, Matt is also a cartoonist. He is the author of children's plays (several successfully produced by Sacramento City Theatre), as well as the full length piece GETTING LUCKY. Matt also writes short tales for young people, some of which were published in the collection "New Magic." ...
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William Woodall  
William Woodall is a teacher, author, and businessman with several published novels for young adults. These include the critically acclaimed Last Werewolf Hunter series, Unclouded Day, Tycho, and others. His books are available at most online retailers, including paperback, hardback, and also ...
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Dennis Johnson  
I'm a 37 year old up-and-coming underground author who enjoys writing more than anything else. I live in the amazing city of Baltimore, Maryland. I'm currently writing my second novel, and hope to have it completed by the end of this summer. My ultimate goal is to sell enough books that I may be abl...
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Craig Dressler  
For several years I searched for peace but failed to find it until I made Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord. Since then I have taught overseas and in Christian institutions in the U.S. In addition, I have written a number of published books including Heart of Terror as well as Character Concert and ...
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R. Steven Page  
Raised in Cane River, Louisiana, R. Steven Page studied Journalism at the University of New Orleans. He has hawked stocks and bonds, fished in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, worked as a bodyguard, a nightclub promoter, and other rackets. Now hanging his hat in Seattle, he spends his time penning...
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Janet Haneberg  
Janet Haneberg loves to collect words instead of her thoughts. She is the author of the adult fiction titled CRAZY WOMAN, MOONLIGHT MADNESS, and MAD IN THE U.S.A. Her children's books are EGGIE RABBIT, MIGHTY MITT, and ALAMANDER, THE ORANGE SALAMANDER. She is currently working on her next children's...
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Josef Bastian  
Josef Bastian is an international author, poet and business professional. Mr. Bastian attended Oakland University, where he received a B.A. and M.A. in English literature. Josef also spent a year at Oxford University, England, studying 20th Century British fiction. Josef lives in Metro Det...
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