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Dandi Mackall  
Dandi Daley Mackall has published about 300 books for children and grown-ups, with sales of 3 million in 14 countries. Her publishers include Prentice-Hall, Simon Schuster, Dutton/Penguin-Putnam, Harper Collins, Harcourt, DreamWorks, Tyndale House, Tommy Nelson, Zondervan, Broadman, Harold Shaw, Co...
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Tabitha Pike  
Tabitha R Pike resides in a quaint little valley between two towering mountains with her husband and three children. She spent five years living beside the Hills of Copper off Hwy 64 in the county she was originally born. Living in Southern County of the great state of Georgia and Tennessee she le...
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Jean C. Fisher  
Published Works: PRINT: BOOKS: ATriad Press, Jefferson TX: "Haunted Encounters" (Anthology) Stories: 2003 "A True, Personal Encounter" 2004 "Felix the Ghost Cat" Coming 2007: "The 'Hainted' House of the Ozarks" Booklocker.com: "Real Stories of Spirit Communications"...
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Romoulous Malachi  
Romoulous Malachi is the alias name for Gerald Colley. The name Romoulous Malachi means builder and and messenger. The prefix Romoulous is symbolic to his foundation Miroglyphics that he built for a new age of intellect providing direction for all generations that have made it into 21st Century or t...
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Ardara Harris  
Ardara Harris, a pillar of his community, passionately writes his stories in order to captivate, cultivate, and minister to his audience. This gift from God has enabled him to develop a program that redefines the most troubled young men into productive citizens. When working with more than 15...
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Julion Okram  
Writer. Debuting in 2016 with childhood romantics / mystery solving books not only for children - but to intelligently entertain adults as well ;-) STORY LOCATION The story series starts in a fictive European communist country in 1970s - 1980s. Can this kind of stuff be readable, or even funn...
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Pamela Mortimer  
An informal look at my work: I would have to say that there are very few things that I wouldn’t write about because they contain specialized knowledge (e.g., rocket science) and a few that would make me want to poke out my eyes before I was done (e.g., some mechanical issues). Other than that, I’...
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Claire Manning  
A new Canadian author/writer, born in Quebec, Claire Manning became a writer 2013 - It is never too late to reach a goal!,she thought. It was part of her bucket list to at least write one.Since then, she has written and published many more. All her books are now available on Amazon and Kobo. My c...
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Joe Vojt  
Joe Vojt novels include, Mystified Humanity, Wings of Air, Enduring Prophesy, and Threshold of Consciousness. Previously worked in the quality manufacturing arena, this included NASA projects, like the Apollo program and a variety of space satellites for Hughes and other technical industries. He liv...
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