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David Berardelli  
He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Gibsonia. Formerly a jazz musician, he studied music at Duquesne University before being drafted into the U.S. Army. He was a member of the 80th Army Band at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia, and also performed in the Third Army Soldie...
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Francis W. Alexander  
Born in Sandusky Ohio, Francis Wesley Alexander is a 1969 graduate of Sandusky High School. He received his B.S. degree in Psychology from Wayne State University and earned his teaching certificate in Mathematics from Eastern Michigan University. Wes has had poems,stories, and article...
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Brian Edwards  
I have been writing for slightly over eight years now. For the past four years, I've worked strictly as a freelance writer. Before that I worked for three years and six months on a local newspaper. Writing has always been a passion, but I still picked up many hobbies; playing guitar, photography,...
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Lawana Holland-Moore  
For me, writing is something that you feel. It is exciting to create worlds and persons of your own making, often in situations or places you would never find yourself in. You want your readers--whether it is an article or fiction--to see and understand that world and come away from the experienc...
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Gilles Langlois  
​Gilles Langlois is the author of the Dunlowe City Diaries series as well as his latest novel Afilium. His books are currently available through lulu.com, Barnes and Noble and the i-bookstore. ​ During it's first week in print, his first offering in the Dunlowe City Diaries series​ ha...
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Emma Smith  
ok, my name is Emma Smith and im 14 years old. (i know i know, alot of people say that i cant be serious about my writing if im a teenager and they are probably right, i mean, god knows my spelling is awful) Anyway i live in the UK with my parents. I go to school, i watch t.v. i go onto the compu...
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Ceara Comeau  
I started writing stories when I was twelve years old. My writing career began with “Amber Oak Volume 1” and “Adventures of the Young and Curious”. Both books were a compilation of short stories that were self-published when I was fifteen years old. Over the next few years, “Amber Oak Volu...
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Hollie Snider  
Hollie Snider is a founding member of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer's Group (www.csfwg.org), a member of the Wicked Women Writers and an associate member of the Horror Writers Association. She is the Executive Editor at Hidden Thoughts Press and has worked with Twisted Library Press, Evil Jest...
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Julie A  
I am a 24 year old author living in California. My works currently include "Hollow Metal" which released in June of 2004 through American House Publishing. I am currently working on another horror "Darkness Comes" and am in the moves to complete the second installment of the "Hollow Metal" series ...
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