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Cindy Lee  
I read avidly as a teenager; anything I got my hands on. There was a library in my small hometown, housed in an old wooden building that leaned precariously. Despite its exterior, the inside was a reader's paradise. Lined along its walls were shelves stocked with Mills & Boon romance novels. I was h...
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Reena Abraham  
Reena Abraham - Author, Feature-writer and Editor, based in the Middle East. Runs a writing service called "Unlimited Words", offering professional services to create the written word. Wide experience of life in different parts of Asia, having lived and travelled in various countries across the glob...
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Caroline Elwood-Stokes  
During her early years, Caroline became involved in Football, beginning her career with Sheffield Wednesday LFC as Left Midfield. She were also a permanent figure in the Herries Girls school Football team. In 1994, Caroline joined Sheffield United but the club did not provide the facilities Caroline...
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Rodney Burrell  
Rodney Burrell is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Burrell Media Group (BMG), a magazine and book publishing firm based in Pittsburgh, PA with satellite offices in Tampa, Florida. BMG was founded in 2004 and currently publishes nine magazines ranging from the automotive to fashion industries. Burr...
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Khan Titi  
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Mohan Chandran  
I am an independent Business Writer, Content developer, and Business Researcher, based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, offering Content development and Business Research services through “CPG Knowledge Solutions.”(TM) The suite of content solutions offered includes the following: Busin...
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Melinda Baker  
They say that this is where you will find your first impression of me. This is my opportunity to make my mark. Well, if you don't have a taste for the abstract than I fear you won't appreciate what I do. I am like one of those paintings that weren't understood but no one ever removed from the mus...
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David Blalock  
Born in San Antonio, Texas in 1953, David spent the early part of his life traveling until settling in the Panama Canal Zone in 1970. He graduated from Balboa High School in 1971, publishing his first work, a poem entitled The Machine, in the Isthmian Inklings magazine that same year. For the nex...
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Laura Parks  
Laura Parks was born in Thousand Oaks, California. Her father was in the oil industry, so she moved around every two to three years throughout her childhood. As an adult, she resided in the Pacific Northwest, south of Seattle, for a number of years, and then settled in the Phoenix Arizona area. H...
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