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Ari Marmell  
Well, I pretty much hate writing about myself, but here we go. I've been writing fantasy since I was in college. Graduated in '96 with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology, which means I can write an in-depth story about the psychological ramifications of unemployment. My firs...
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Dave Conklin  
Hello all!!!! I love love the online world!! Also I like to study. First & Foremost, Iím a dad & husband who hasÖ wait for itÖ 2 set of twins. To be honest itís gotten a bit normal to me, but other people seems to think I may be an alien life form or something because of it, So itís always worth m...
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Nazry Bahrawi  
Greetings and salutations, I am a published magazine features writer/editor, non-fiction author and newspaper social commentator. My first book project is a coffee-table book pertaining to the Muslim's perceived mandatory head-dress, aptly entitled "Tudung: Beyond Face Value". My second book p...
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Bo Bradley  
Bo Bradley is the author of "Achieving the Balance Dream - 11 Secrets to Living a Life of Balance", published by 3L Publishing and "Your Power Source Tap - The Easy Way To Be Grounded," a self-published E-book. My talent is helping people find the way over, under, around or through any obstacle in...
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Zheng Sheng ming  
I am zheng sheng ming, I discover the origin of gravitation! In Hong Kong, Chinese Science and Art Publishing House in October 2008 published a series of achievement in the physics that Zheng sheng ming obtain, which is I discover the origin of gravity. Title of ďMechanism of interaction in the ...
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Angela Posey-Arnold  
Angela Posey-Arnold is a Published Christian author and reitred RN. In addition to an array of projects she owns the web site www.angelaposeyarnold.com and www.nightingale.pnn.com both of which features her unique voice and writing style. She is widely published with one self published book release...
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Marsha Shane  
Marsha Shane was born in the Upper Peninsula of Northern Michigan and began writing at the age of 10. She has lived in such places as Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, New Jersey, and South Carolina. An avid reader, she will often escape into other worlds with a good book. As a child she read comic...
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Monique Veasley  
Sunday School, Bible Study Teacher, Counselor and Minister of the Gospel for over 19 years has been touching lives one by one since she came to know Jesus as her personal Lord & Savior. She has been happily married to Rev. Robert Veasley for 16 years and she is the mother Keisha, Princess and Gabri...
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Graham Denny  
Graham was born in Ipswich, Suffolk in November 1960 and has four elder sisters. In 1997 he co-founded The BASIC Life Charity which is based in his home town of Felixstowe. The charity primarily assists those in need within the Felixstowe and surrounding areas. In 2000 he produced a Christ...
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