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Jesse Rushton  
Things I would most like to see in this life time: A vampire. Jetsons-the movie. A three toed sloth in the wild. Camel hair jacket that doesn't make my skin crawl. Good telvision.
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Ivica Podnar  
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Connie Whiting  
I am a 46 year old freelance writer in Columbus Ohio,where i live with my teen daughter, three year old grandson,Saint Bernard and chihuahua.Life is never dull!
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Dave Preston  
See: www.whiteroseinc.com PWAC profile: http://www.writers.ca/action.lasso?-db=PWAC.fp5&-lay=WebDirectory&-format=record_detail.htm&-recid=47221&-find
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Terry Cantwell  
Irish/Australian book author & journalist. Primarily a non-fiction writer, although he has published several short fiction pieces and poetry works.
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Andrew Mukwasi  
Dont make life's critical decision on the basis of your mood.A mood is a dangerous state of mind because it can crush reson under the weight of feeling.
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Clark Kline  
Published/Edited an online zine, "Burn", for 6 issues. Co-Wrote, and Assistant Directed Feature film released in 2003 entitled "Far From India".
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Lashonda Wilson  
i am 17 years and every since i was 13, i been writing sroties and poems with my cousin nastasha, who also enjoy writing as well.
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Jawed Ali Khatri  
I am simply silm man. Besicly Short Story writer. I would like to be T.V Drama writer. This is my Dream.
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