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Govind Dhar  
Over the past 13 years I have worked in Dubai and India as a writer for press and advertising. Recently I launched the Indian edition of the world-renowned luxury magazine, the Robb Report as executive editor for the India Today Group in May 2011 and ran it for 13 issues. Based in New Del...
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Jack Young  
JACK YOUNG, was born in Germany 1957. He lived in South Carolina and Florida. In 2006 he started to write books about historical places in the US. In 2011 he converted his writings into E-books and start to publish them in 2011. In the meantime you can find several books about other subjects...
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Olivia Kim  
Write literary and mystery fiction: currently finishing novel set in a small community in Montana, redemption is sought and ultimately though painfully found for a man who has been accused of killing his younger brother when they were children; as told through his relationships with his nemesis, a ...
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Jim Stapleton  
Business person in Calgary for 25 years, diamond exploration geologist, prospected Peace River Country for 10 years. Interest in business philosophy and the politics of investing in the Caribbean and Central America as a way of aiding Third World countries to develop infrastructure that will lead to...
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Andy Evans  
Andy Evans was born in the gritty coal mining communities of West Yorkshire England. After leaving school at the age of sixteen he followed the generations of school leavers before him to work in the local coal mines. Following the demise of the coal mining industry he now works within the Crimina...
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Matt LaCroix  
I am a serious outdoors hiker who loves to challenge myself and hike into very remote places. I have a knack for adventure and have had incredible things happen to me, from getting almost killed by a rutting moose, or lost above tree line in the snow. I have written detailed stories about the advent...
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Reed Hellman  
I am a journalist, independent wordsmith, and technical writer, publishing my articles in regional periodicals and contracting to businesses, institutions, and governments. My articles have appeared in in a wide range of periodicals including The Baltimore Sun, The Jeffersonian, Recreation News, ...
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Michael RAINBOW  
Was born in a Novosibirsk Academgorodok, Russia in 1983 In 15 years has casually faced a phenomenon «outside of a body of travel ». Since then has in detail studied this phenomenon in all planes and directions in practice and the theory. In 2002 has developed technology "Aing" which means use...
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Vanessa Tan  
I found my hidden love for writing many years ago, at the age of 14, when an English teacher complimented me on an essay I had written for a test. Two years later, I graduated with a Distinction as a Pure Literature student. Her few words were all it took to get me started on truly embracing th...
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