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C.L. Mareydt  
As a Born Again Believer I have the Privilege to write from the Spirt to the Spirit. As an Inspirational Author I am published in many Online Christian Magazines, Christian and Secular Author Sites. Also, I Own and Moderate Three Yahoo Message Groups and Two Message Boards. Recently I have...
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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz  
Jennifer Geacone-Cruz relocated from the New York City area to Tokyo, Japan in 2002. She has been the International Text Supervisor and a contributor for Harper's Bazaar Magazine's Japanese-language edition since 2003. Her fashion editorial work can also be seen in Glitter, Nozze White, and ot...
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Nina Osier  
"9-UH" was born with a sun tan in the village of Camden, Maine. Her first home was on Friendship Long Island, off the Maine coast. She started “writing” at the age of two, when her parents decided to write down her stories and read them back to her. A librarian in the central Maine town of Gardin...
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Carol Oyster  
I am a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse and have, in addition to the usual professional journal articles, published three books. The first two were texts: one on research design with Lippincott, one on group dynamics with McGraw Hill Higher Education. The most re...
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Ann Davenport  
I have self-published a book about maternal health and politics of NGOs - Babies in the Cornfield: Stories of Maternal Health and Death from Around the World. I have been working as a nurse and later a midwife since I was 24, and for the past 15 years have been working in international health progra...
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Anthony Buccino  
Anthony Buccino published thirteen books, including six full-length poetry collections. He published three collections of essays based on growing up in and around New Jersey. Buccino writes about life in New Jersey and about commuting at NJ.Com and other locations. The Nutley Sons and...
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Paul William Roberts  
Born in Wales Educated Raynes Park School & Exeter College, Oxford (M.A.) Studied Sanskrit at the Hindu University Benares and Bangalore University (D.Phil); studied Hebrew and Aramaic in Jerusalem and UC Berkeley. Taught Renaissance literature and neo-Platonism at St Peter's College, Oxford. Te...
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Bill Snodgrass  
Born in a small Appalachian town in Virginia, I grew up understanding simple things. As my family moved to keep up with my father’s promotions, we ended up in Memphis, Tennessee, a drastic change from my roots. My high school had more students in it than the town where I was born. My form...
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Charles Whitfield  
Charles L. Whitfield MD is a pioneer in trauma recovery, including the way we remember childhood and other trauma and abuse. A physician and front line therapist who assists trauma survivors in their healing, he is the author of over fifty published articles and several best selling books on trauma ...
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