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Carol A. Guy  
Carol A. Guy cguy1943@yahoo.com www.goodmysteries.webs.com Published Books by Carol A. Guy A Picture Perfect Kid, Zumaya Publications (True Crime) EPPIE Award Nominee Sins of the Pa...
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Henry L. Jones (Writer & Artist)  
My literary career is a constant adventure. I write primarily about cultural and social events in relation to African American culture. My published work has enabled me to contribute to social causes as well as cultural events. That's the "artsy" side of me. Other ventures opened doors for p...
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Cathy C  
Hi, I'm Cathy Clamp. I write urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels for Tor Books with my co-author, C.T. Adams, under both my real name and as "Cat Adams." We have nineteen books on the shelf with them, and have six more in the pipeline through 2015. We've been writing together for ab...
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Amanda Howard  
Amanda Howard is a true crime author, fiction writer and serial killer expert. Her writing experience is based on an ongoing degree in criminology and psychology, as well as writing eight books on a wide range of true crime cases. She has also interviewed some of the world's most heinous seria...
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Melody Schubert  
Creative Chameleon for Hire. In need of a writer to express the heart of your travel destination, attraction or business? Hire a Creative Chameleon, who adapts to their environment. A keen sense of artistic insight allows me to look beyond what lies on the surface to find the heart of each st...
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Carlos Abel  
Who is Escudra? Well, I am 52 years old, male, mixed race among Jewish, Andean’s Indian, Spanish, German and Russian. Not that tall and not that overweight. I like my eyes. Way Escudra? As a result of an error, I have Dyslexia and in 1995 I was trying to create an e-mail account, and I wa...
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Lehel Vandor  
Lehel Vandor (1971-) was born in Transylvania, and grew up, as a member of the Hungarian ethnic minority there, during Nicolae Ceausescu's totalitarian regime. His school, and later high school, studies have been completed during the communist dictatorship. The 1989 revolution in Romania and ...
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Kim Hughes  
Kim Hughes has been writing since she was a very young child. With the inspirational influence of human emotion combined with her business expertise, Hughes has the innate ability to delve into every project with the creativity of an artist and the business mind of a CEO. Hughes’ writing ca...
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Robert Lebling  
Writer/editor and communication specialist, American nationality, based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Six years as a reporter/correspondent/bureau chief in Cairo, Beirut, London, Jiddah, Washington, DC. Covered three wars (1973 Middle East War, Lebanese Civil War, Falklands/Malvinas conflict). Fou...
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