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Len McDougall  
Biography of Len McDougall, Outdoor Writer Len McDougall is a professional outdoorsman with more than 30 years’ experience in the north woods. A full-time outdoor writer and author of the books, Practical Outdoor Survival, Made for the Outdoors, The Complete Tracker, The Outdoor...
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John Dee Jeffries  
What do you do when you've messed up - I mean really messed up? We've all made our share of mistakes. We've fumbled the ball. We've blown it. We've wasted opportunities. Stumbled. Fallen. Failed. But, what do you do when your patience with your life is worn out - because of failure? What do you do w...
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Brenda  Mohammed  
Brenda Mohammed is a Trinidad and Tobago-based award-winning multi-genre writer and former Bank Manager who has written eighteen books to date. She loves to travel and is a fan of photography and art. She likes to interact with her readers and other authors. Brenda is on Facebook, Twitter, an...
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Seamus Phan  
SEAMUS PHAN, PhD Seamus, based in Singapore, is a thought leader on the Internet, digital media, e- learning, knowledge management, business process re-engineering, marketing, and holistic health. He is a frequent keynote speaker, motivational speaker, workshop and meeting facilitator, commi...
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Ron Price  
EMPLOYMENT-SOCIAL-ROLE POSITIONS: 1943-2015 2010-2015-Retired and on a pension in George Town, Tasmania 1999-2009-Writer & Author, Poet & Publisher, Editor & Researcher. Retired Teacher & Lecturer, Tutor & Adult Educator, Taxi-Driver & Ice-Cream Salesman, George Town Tasmania Australia 200...
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Alli Joseph  
Alli Joseph Biography Alli Joseph has been telling stories since she invented Hooper, the narcoleptic diaper truck-driving dog who saved lives and was a prize-winning baker, when she was five. Today, Alli is a TV host, a producer of television shows and documentary films, an author, a...
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Jill Miller  
Jill Miller’s passion is to share her experience, strength, and hope in order to touch, encourage, and inspire others on their journey. She is a singer/songwriter/speaker who instills God’s hope to a hurting world. Through her music, which is reminiscent of Amy Grant and Francesca Battistelli, J...
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Garrett Graham  
Born in New York in 1959, Garrett T. Frasier Graham was educated in the United States and Europe. He worked in law and as a political activist and on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, London and Amsterdam before entering business. He invested in international real estate and a number of businesses. ...
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Dr Robert R  Brown F.A.C.M.T.  
Rev. Dr Robert R Brown F.A.C.M.T. was born September 10, 1963 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After a month, his family moved to Empire Nevada where they lived for about 4 years then they moved to a small sized city in south Texas, population approximately 70,000 where he grew up with his sister m...
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