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Amy Lemley  
Amy Lemley has worked in every facet of publishing, writing and editing for newspapers, newsletters, magazines, catalogs, advertising, books, and the Internet, for both general and specialized audiences. Through Amy Lemley Communications, she offers not only overall concept and identity develo...
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JW Procopio  
J.W.Procopio is a Diplomate of the Graduate School of Education, University of Pittsburgh (1971), and a Diplomate of the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Pittsburgh (1970). Mr. Procopio holds 27 international awards for his writing and website creations on the World Wide Web. His book, ...
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Carol Marie  
I recently had my second book published by Westbow, entitled "Seventy Weeks of Literal Days". It takes a novel view of Daniel's prophecy by applying weeks as literal calendar days, over the three prophetic time-periods to reveal the gospel of Jesus Christ. This interpretation is validated biblically...
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Shawn McCarthy  
Shawn McCarthy is the author of the popular Internet business book "The Art of .COMbat: Ancient Wisdom for the Competitive Economy" ( http://shop.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?isbn=0471415197 ) And he's the author of "Engineering Your Way to Success" ( http://shop.barnesandnoble....
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Brad Zigler  
Financial and investment writing can be deadly dull, but Brad Zigler uses the experience gleaned from stints as the head of marketing, research and education for a derivatives exchange and an investment fund manager to make his prose crisp, clean and, at the right times, even funny. Most important, ...
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Lauriann Greene  
Lauriann Greene, CEAS, - Co-Author of Save Your Hands! the Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists. Lauriann has been a leading writer, speaker and researcher on injury prevention for manual therapists since 1995. She studied at Brown and Harvard Universities and ...
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Scott Allen Nollen  
Scott Allen Nollen is an Iowa native educated (BA, MA) at the University of Iowa in Film and Broadcasting & United States and European History. He is the author and editor of over 40 books on the history of film, literature and music, including (from McFarland/www.mcfarlandpub.com): THREE BAD MEN: ...
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Sybil Shearin  
Memories I sit here alone listening to country music slow. My heart beats to the music and I move with the flow. My mind goes back to your sweet kisses soft and making love in the old barn loft. I can still smell your cologne as it lingers near. Our bodies entwined with sensual love so dea...
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Tracey McBride  
STYLE WITH SOUL(tm)...ON ANY INCOME! When Americans look for frugal luxuries they turn to Tracey McBride. By way of her books, newsletters, and repeat appearances on television shows such as "The Carol Duvall Show", "Smart Solutions", "DIY Crafts", and NBC news (Los Angeles affiliate), Tra...
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