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Gary Freedman Washington, District of Columbia 
I have written a personal memoir that is composed entirely of quotations. It can be accessed at http://signmomentsone.blogspot.com The writing deals with the worlds of opera and psychoanalysis and is unique in structure. I am seeking a publisher for the manuscript.
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Ruth Brown Washington, District of Columbia 
I have recently finished writing a biographical/historical novel that took seven years of research, writing, and revision. I am presently searching for an agent to sell my novel to a publisher.
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Hamaas Khaalis Washington, District of Columbia 
I have come a long way in life. I wirite poetry all the time, and I ran into a situation where I made the decision that I needed to do something in mylife that I can be proud of. Something my future kids can look at and admire their father for doing. I dedcated my time and efforts into writing th...
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Joe Kovacs Washington, District of Columbia 
I have been a writer since my final days of high school in 1990, when a creative writing course introduced me to the beautiful Muse. My primary interest is literary fiction, though I don't quite understand short stories. I'm one to grasp longer fiction. Consequently I've penned two novels, neither o...
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Jacqueline Plummer  
I have an undergraduate degree in journalism and I am working on a graduate busines degree
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Patty Apostolides  photo
I attained a B.A. in Biology from Case Western Reserve University, with minors in music and theatre, I've always loved writing, and I've written poetry all my life. Later, while doing cancer research, I co-authored several medical articles. However, the time needed to write a novel did not present i...
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Tom Joyce Washington, District of Columbia 
I am unpublished. I have three draft novels about a Viennese police inspector in the 1930s and 1940s. I am a member of the American Society of Criminology. I have a 1973 Ph.D from Cornell Univeristy.
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Katrina Benson Washington, District of Columbia 
I am from the city of Washington, DC. I've been writing fiction stories since the age of eight. I'm a college student and a poet. I've entered contest and performs at a local open-mike night here in DC. I also write novels,songs and plays. I would like to offer someone the opportunity to work w...
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Elizabeth Telson Washington, District of Columbia 
I am an avid fan on the MMORPG games and enjoy writing a blog about the adventures of my in-game character, Lokaine.
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Kenneth Bossard Washington, D.C., District of Columbia photo
I am a writer by heart and vocation. My previous life was in the mortgage and real estate fields. I still write on those topics but prefer fiction and poetry. I am a dialogue-driven writer who believes in romance, intense relationships and the ability of the written word to capture the best in our s...
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