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Ann Barnet  
I'm a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Harvard Medical School. I worked as a pediatric neurologist and brain researcher for many years. After working at a hospital in Mexico treating malnourished babies, I decided I most wanted to help children get what they need before their growth and dev...
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Chester Davis Washington, District of Columbia photo
I'm a copywriter, blogger, sociologist, and aspiring screenwriter. My primary writing goal is to write for nonprofits and for companies that market "green" products and services. To narrow my focus even more, I am interested in helping nonprofits raise money and otherwise "sell" themselves more ...
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Bob Smith  
I write for Helium, and enjoy it a lot.
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Infinity Muzza Washington, District of Columbia 
I write for fun. Im only a student so I haven't got a publisher or anything....yet!
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Knew Me Washington, District of Columbia 
I would like to find a writer willing to work with me side-by-side as a ghost writer. Please email me with your contact information and resume as soon as possible.
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Mischief Managed  
I was born. I must die someday. I'm trying to have lots of fun between these events. All's good, so far.
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Carl Schroeder Washington, District of Columbia 
I was born deaf. I was born in the Netherlands. Both my parents are deaf. At age 10, my parents made a new home in Maryland and it was when I first experienced language change and cultural shock--from Dutch society to American society; from Gebarentaal to American Sign Language (ASL); from Dut...
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Anthony Wilson Washington, District of Columbia 
I started off writing poems when I was 16 1/2. It was just a way for me to express my feelings. I wrote my first poem entitled UnWanted and I got major feedback from it. People could not understand how someone so young could feel that way. I'm only 18 years old now, but people tell me that i write b...
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Allen Haywood Washington, District of Columbia 
I manage a local construction company in The ashington, DC, where politics is the local sport. I am intrigued and appalled by current events, and have a darkly humorous outlook on what is happening today.
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Julia Lau Bertrand  photo
I have written for various publications, including the National University of Singapore Law Faculty\\\'s publication, Lawlink, and the commemorative book published by the Fulbright Association of Singapore on its tenth anniversary, available online at http://www.fulbright.org.sg/BeyondBarriers-fas10...
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