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Marci Tilghman-Bryant Wilmington, Delaware 
Published Author, Playwright, Life Coach, Christian Educator
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Andy Derricott  
Providing professional company registration services to bookkeepers and accountants. Supporting accounting practitioners with their company formation and related services.
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Stefany Fisher  
Ok, so being published at 10 in "Anthology of Young Americans; 1995 Edition" (oops I told my age), doesn't exactly establish me as a professional writer, it does speak for something. Growing up by the beach did give me the strength of the ocean as well as the balance of the sand. I am proud of thi...
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Nelson West  
Nelson West is an Information Technology professional who has spent the last two decades developing software for the United States Military and Fortune 100 companies. His hobbies include soccer, cycling, sailing, reading, and chess. He resides in Delaware with his wife and three children. Red Harbor...
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Ella Pacheco Dover, Delaware 
My name is Ella Pacheco,and i really have not been writing for long.A couple of poems, one short story,and am working on what i call my "masterpiece" right now.A true story about marriage in the late 1900s,filled with betrayal,unrequitted love, unyeilding love, and the quest for true happiness. The ...
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James Smith New Castle, Delaware 
Mostly wrote for myself, now breaking into freelance. Published in Vocational Biographies and (in Dec) Mental Floss Magazine. I love to find out how things work and write about it. I have strong political opinions and have posted regularly on the web for years.
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Sea Fin Colorado, Delaware 
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Marie Allen Wilmington, Delaware 
Marie Allen is a Delaware native. She lives in Wilmington with her husband, daughter and granddaughter. For the past eight years, she has dedicated her life to educating young people about the perils of addiction. After the tragic death of her oldest daughter, she began her work to educate and assis...
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Linda Mayfield Hayes Salter New Castle, Delaware photo
Linda Mayfield-Hayes is a self-published, African American poetess, and mother of one. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but currently resides in Delaware with her son and husband Ronald Salter. Linda is a graduate of Kingsborough Community College with an Associates degree in Data P...
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Taylor  Evans   
Let me tell you some things about the author Taylor Evans. Some of you may not know this but she writes about hit men. Personal things about them. I don't know how she found out about me and my team... But I found out some things about her. Derek looked into it and found out that she is only 18 ye...
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