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Veronica LeMieux Clovis, Other US 
I'm a young writer trying to get a foothold in the writing world. Freshly graduated with a B.S. in psychology and just a thesis away from an M.A. in English. I'm interested in a million different things and find I'm often a bit of a contradiction...an enigma...ooOOOooo
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Shanista Cloud  
I'm a young author, not yet 16, but a lot of people believe that I have a real talent for writing. I'm currently in search of an agent to help me along the process of getting my manuscript published. Anyone out there who could give me any kind of advice on dealing with publishers and/or agents, I wo...
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P Bowers Centerville, Other US 
I'm a Writer and a Hobbyist Musician,I enjoy reading and I enjoy studying about Medevial History,especially the Celts! Who were they? Where did they originate from? I like to relax by putting a Celtic music CD on my home stereo and dancing to the music.Letting it flow in me and around me.There's not...
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Nenden Novianti Jakarta, Other US 
I'm a journalist working for the President of Republic Indonesia. I'm writting so far only in Indonesian. I' writing news, travel journal for local magazine, and also my personal blogs. I'm in the middle of process of upgrading my English writting skills, so I'm confidence enough to publish my work ...
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Charli Day Shawnee, Other US 
I'm a high school student (11th grade) who plays in the high school marching/concert band and the jazz band. I play the trumpet, specifically, and I am currently in a few honor bands. I am also in the middle of writing my first true original fiction that isn't a fanfiction, and I hope that whoever w...
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Stella Gregory  
I'm a Christian mother of three teenagers. I've been married for twenty years. I was raised in big cities - Atlanta, Dallas, Denver. When I married, I followed my husband to the middle of nowhere and wouldn't trade it for the world. I am an artist, specializing in what I love the most - equine...
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Leticia Loriaux Taylor, Other US 
I'm a 16 year old female. I attend Truman High School. My favorite colors are purple, green, blue, and black. I was born on March 11th. I have one younger sister,12. Her name is Meilssa. I live with my dad, mom, and sister. I have three dogs. One female, Buffy, and two males, Buster and Pete...
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Precious Williams London, Other US 
I'm a freelance journalist, widely published in the national and international press, with six years' experience. I specialise in celebrity profiles and lifestyle features.
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Matt Wilson Clyde, Other US 
I'm 28 years old. I enjoy being creative with my writing skills, whether it be for romance novels or on general topics. I also enjoy making music from writing the lyrics to creating the tunes and recording. I was born and raised in South Florida and have lived in central Texas for the past 6 years. ...
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Tisha Perkins Cold Spring, Other US 
I'm 25 and still going to college part time. I love writing and reading - the two do sort of go hand in hand. I'm seriously focusing on Young Adult fiction.
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