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Jay Miles Ridley Park, Other US 
Jay Miles is a 24 year old (DOB: 4/78) writer based in the Philadelphia area. His specialty is short fiction, but can weild the almighty keyboard in the arenas of reviews (movies, television, music and literary), and editorials. He is what you would call a "Noname", but with a few breaks, and a lo...
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Jane Greensmith Niwot, Other US 
Jane Greensmith’s warm, vibrant tales of love and relationships tap into a wellspring of human emotion, leaving the reader a little wiser and a lot more thoughtful. Jane’s poignant stories are deceptively simple, often bittersweet, and always memorable and satisfying. Whether she is wr...
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Jay B  
injection dying fraction soul servings healthy better fit better shoes better life *i am in college....23, major english,philosophy* trains cheese grind the gutter..llllllll ggghhhhhhhhhhhh my wisdom............our boredom comma cars safety city transport *i have been stri...
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She Isgone  
I've been writing short stories, flash fiction, novellas, poetry, and essays on the 'Net for a year and a half. I won a reader's choice award in 2000 for a short story turned audio.
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Laura Abby  
I've been writing all my life and it would take me forever to explain my Bio so feel free to ask me =)
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Lura Vernon  
I've been published in both fiction and non-fiction. My most recent publication is a short story due to appear in Indy Men's Magazine. I quit my job as a thermal engineer several years ago, and have since become a stay-at-home mom. Writing on the side helps keep me sane.
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Sabrina Brower Hubert, Other US 
I'm only 14, but alot of people have commented on my writing ability. Unfortunately, nobody takes me seriously because I am only a teenager...you know, I haven't been to collge yet, and that makes me invisible. I write pretty much anything I like...and what I don't like, I make the best of. I hav...
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Lonnie Lament  
I'm in agriculture one week, light manufacturing the next. Made lots of things out of wood.
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Christopher Loveday Leonard, Other US 
I'm Christopher Loveday from Michigan. I started writing not too long ago. I enjoy reading emails from other Writers. So email me if you wish at Christopher_Loveday@writers.net. I hope to hear from you all.
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K Feete Galax, Other US 
I'm an unpublished science fiction writer; I have one finished novel and am working on another.
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