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Ashley Nichols  
My name is Ashley. I was born in California before moving to Indiana. When I was a little girl, I used to listen to my mother read me books. That was when I acquired my love of writing. By the time I was in third grade, I had a 9th grade reading level. By the time I had reached fifth grade, I was...
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CM Gant Other US 
My main focus is poetry writing, but I have also been published by Llewellyn Publications and BBI Media (PanGaia and newWitch magazines). I have had 25 poems published in various literary journals and have received several awards. My freelance work consists mainly of writing for Llewellyn's Alman...
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Leslie Parker Greeville, Other US 
My hobby is writing or better yet story telling. I have read (and paid for) works touted by reviewers to be well written which turn out to have boring story lines and leave you empty when you are done. I prefer to have a satisfying story that is intelligently written. I am aiming at popular fiction ...
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Llama Lady Capitan, Other US 
My "qualifications" as a writer are a bit different than most. You see, I didn't actually create this work, my mother did and she did so after her death. She is still writting letters on a regular basis. Phyllis~From Mother To Daughter~ Phyllis, my mother, was an unassuming housewife of t...
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Nancy Sakaduski Other US 
Most publications were published under the name "Nancy Day." The author is now a professional marketing consultant.
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Vic Peters Manson, Other US 
Married. 42 years old. Two children.
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Darrel Sparkman Lockwood, Other US 
married, father, grandfather, Viet Nam Vet, self employed. My day job is a florist/commercial grower. Counting my Navy experience, I have worked in electronics, helicopter search and rescue, and communications. I worked 17 years as a volunteer EMT-P ambulance attendant, part time as a professio...
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Donna Kiefer APO, Other US 
Married with two children. Live in Germany.
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Lerato Ovilia Lekhud Nwachukwu Polokwane, Other US 
M an upcoming writting. That delights herself in writting about really touchy topics, my strengths lays in everyday on going world that revovles around us as human beings and circumstances we all pass through in life. My instrumental power is to pass the message of noted friendly, healing, upl...
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