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Tomer Fried West Bloomfield, Other US 
My name is Tomer. I was raised in Michigan. I am jewish, my parent's are from Israel. I have an older sister by the name of Maytal as well...
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Sandy W  
My name is Sandy... This is my first "bio" of this sort so I will hopefully not mess it up too horribly! I have written all of my life. Journals, girlish diaries, letters, made up romances for my friends, poetry and songs are in notebooks of all kinds in a box of my memories. I still love...
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Robert Thomas  
My name is Robert Thomas and I am a dedicated writer. I am currently working soley on a Novel Trilogy which combines the elements of suspense, progressive mystery, meaningful romance, and an extraodinary storyline. Alongside all of this, I hope to please readers with the depth of real characters, ...
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Kristi Ahlers APO, Other US 
My name is Kristi Ahlers. I currently call Brussels, Belgium home but this will be changing in the next six months. My husband of fifteen years is active duty Air Force. I'm mother to two boys who are truly little hero's in the making. ALthough originally from Northern California, Yuba City, Cali...
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Kelli Clegg Indianapolis, Other US 
my name is kelli i like to write i'm 18 i teach a class to middle and elementary children about writting i work at a televsion station as an intern for the producer/director of the station i plan to go to college for film/video and writting i am writting/producing/directing an independent fil...
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Jessica Peardon Birmingham, Other US 
My name is Jessica and I have a passion for the arts. I find myself going to a lot of book fairs to acquire books that will enhance my writing ability. I had a lot of passion and creativity when I was younger, and then I closed off all my emotions, and became a workaholic. Now that I am getting my l...
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Heather Gilmore  
My name is Heather, and I'm seventeen. I may be only a teenager, but I've been through a lot and I take writing seriously. I've lived in three different states and out of all three, New York is the most beautiful and my heart belongs to those lovely mountains. If you've never seen the mountai...
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Cody Steel Rudy, Other US 
My name is Cody, i guess i can say i'm a "Young writers" I'm 14 years old and enjoy working on Spy stories and other types of storys. I mainly write what catchs my mind and sounds like a good story...
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Chyna Girl MountMorris, Other US 
My name is Chyna, I am a 22 year old college student. I don't have a particular major, right now I consider myself a professional student because I've been going for so long, and am still not quite sure what it is I am doing. I've been writing since I've known how to write, it's almost like an obs...
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Ashley Nichols  
My name is Ashley. I was born in California before moving to Indiana. When I was a little girl, I used to listen to my mother read me books. That was when I acquired my love of writing. By the time I was in third grade, I had a 9th grade reading level. By the time I had reached fifth grade, I was...
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