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Raven Nights  
I am from Melbourne Australia, however I am currently in Paris. I am a qualified accountant but my passion is writing, painting and food. I have had several successful art exhibitions and came to Paris to write and paint. I was writing poetry in preparation for a book of poetry for publishing nex...
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Judith Watson Melbourne, Victoria 
I am an Australian consultant currently joint Author of "Consumer Behaviour" published by Prentice Hall 1997. I also have a series of Human Resources Manuals and currently my latest book "What Value HR" is featured with Amazon .com and is selling to some leading organisations. Forthcoming public...
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Ryan Paine Melbourne, Victoria 
I am a writer, editor, book-production junkie, literature activist and aspiring literary agent.
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Anna Mcvicker Bayswater, Victoria 
I am a widow I have experienced an enormous amount of obstacles during my life, but I am now reinventing myself and following my dream of becoming a published writer. This is something I have wanted to do my whole life, but only now am I able to allow myself to do the one thing I have always wanted...
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Danny Reyland  
I am a secondary school teacher who teaches manly seventh to ninth graders. The subjects I teach are English, History and Religion. I love the interaction that I have with students on a day to day basis. I also love writing and illustrating children's stories. These stories are suitable to be r...
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Lindsay Hocking Melbourne, Victoria 
I am a freelance Advertising Writer, Creative Director and Creative Communications Strategist. I've worked in-house and freelance for many advertising agencies, including DDB Needham Worldwide and McCann-Erickson Worldwide. I am presently based in Melbourne, Australia, and have more than 30 ye...
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Sarah Brand LARA, Victoria 
I am a 34 Year old female who loves Writing and especially crime. I have had things published but just stuff that is local and usually within a writing group. I wrote a story a few years ago and got that published in the Geelong Advertiser. I love Facebook, myspace and computers. I have interests ...
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Adam Declerck  
I am 39 years of age, married with two beautiful children. I have spent the last 20 years on an internal discovery of questioning the purpose of the human species physical existence. Why we are here? Who could have created us? What our physical life's purpse is? I have recently completed my firs...
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Siyass Sanderson Shepparton, Victoria 
I am 18 years old & trying to write my own story that I (and many others) belive is a good story that needs to be shared with the world
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Lucais Donnell Crossley, Victoria 
I am 12 years old ( 13 in february). I write about anything that pop's into my head. Including: cat's, animals and activities.
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