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Ruth Hadfield Sydney, New South Wales 
I am a freelance medical writer and editor. I have published over 30 academic manuscripts and am an author of a chapter in the Handbook of Famine, Starvation, and Nutrient Deprivation. I am available to assist medical doctors with writing and editing books, and book chapters.
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Dan Watts Sydney, New South Wales 
I am a 33 year old father of two from Sydney Australia and have been writing for a few years. Most of my writing has evolved from the desire to entertain freinds. I keep turtles as pets and grow carnivorous plants in my spare time. My genres varie from humour to horror and the indescribable. One day...
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Roderick Eime Riverwood, New South Wales 
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Simon Shaw Sydney, New South Wales 
How do I see myself? In a mirror usually. So much for the having fun part. I am a serious person who tries to mask his seriousness with humor that usually comes out as sarcasm. Sometimes that sarcasm leaks through in my writing. I am in my forties but I like to think I am still in my twenties, unti...
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Reece Barnard Sydney, New South Wales 
Hi! I'm a 28 year old writer, aspiring to be publsihed (who isn't?) who lives in Sydney, Australia. I have finished one novel, and have been revising and constantly developing it for the last few years. Hopefully it's in its final editing stages now. I work closely with an editor - new to the ...
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Christopher Walters Bulli, New South Wales 
Hi my name is Chris. I'm a 27 year old un-published (at this point) writer living in Bulli near Wollongong, Australia (about an hour south of Sydney). I have one completed (though still unpublished) novel to my name, as well as a couple of draft screenplays, many, many, many poems/songs...
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Sally Jones  
Hi I\'m Sally, I\'m here to make friends with like-minded writers and individuals. I\'ve written nonfiction books (yet to be published) and also working on a scifi novel at the moment.
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Sharyn Munro Singleton, New South Wales photo
Hermit-like, I live and work alone on my mountain forest property about 80 kms from the nearest McDonalds… or town or village or phone box… aided by the wonders of solar power and electronics. I descend mainly to travel round the state to meet the innovative people about whose often highly ir...
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Wayne Gibbens West Pennanmt Hills, New South Wales 
From a technical background my career enabled me to try live and work in all States and Territories in Australia. Having lived in bioth cities and country locations I prefer the country life style. Currently writing three books, two sci-fi and one childrens adventure, none published.
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Carolyn Golledge Ettalong Beach, New South Wales 
Former school teacher turned writer after serious illness prevented further full time employment. Have sold three SF/F short stories to West End Games publishers in 1994-6. Have written an SF/F novel currently on the market. Formerly represented by the Dorian Literary Agency in England, now seeki...
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