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Angus MacCaw Saint Bruno, Quebec 
Hi all. I'm a newly retired history/literature teacher who has been writing for fun for years. I'm now a 'Living Historian' (18th century re-enactor) and wooden boatbuilder. I've written a couple of fantacy novels, an action end of the world novel and am working on a historical adventure set in No...
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Vanessa Telaro Montreal, QC, Quebec 
Hello: I'm Vanessa, a "twenty-something" who's been writing for the past twelve years, which makes me a young but experienced writer. I write mainly fiction, (short stories, novels, poetry) but I also write essays, blogs and a variety of articles. Though I like to think of myself as a well-rounde...
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Denise Landry Montreal, Quebec photo
Hello, Im Denise Landry. I have Cerebral Palsy. I use a wheelchair and a voice synthesizer to speak. Not being able to speak forced me to find other ways to express my thoughts and ideas. The written word was the best way. By putting words on paper, I could say and create anything that I...
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Chris Kolar Quebec City, Quebec 
Graduate from U of Windsor. Completed a B.A. in creative writing and lit. Working as a teacher and head of a local writers' group here in Quebec City.
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Julien Blaecke  
French writor -the short story "Tout un commencement" for example- i optioned few features too -in english here- and finally i'm looking for a serious agent (easier then by myself as i experienced) :)
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Josee Marianne Proulx Chateauguay, Quebec 
Freelance journalist for La Presse, Journal Les Affaires, Forum, Educause, Musik. Has also authored several technical guides for the computer and VoIP industries.
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Mary Metcalfe  
For the past few years, I have yearned to write a fiction romance. I developed a story outline in 2007, creating detailed character profiles for two women, both widowed, who are rebuilding their lives. The men who have entered their lives are a father and son who have been estranged for years and ar...
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Walter Scott Ayer's Cliff, Quebec 
Firm moral convictions and a wealth of experience are the result of a life that has triumphed over sorrow, poverty and rejection. My mother died as a result of a medical accident, during childbirth, when I was seven years old. The next four years were in a foster home run by an aunt. This was a pr...
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Melanie Lefebvre Montreal, Quebec 
Experience: Over 5 years writing, proofreading and editing books, manuals, guides, annual reports, ads, brochures, newsletters, web content, scripts, articles, etc. Industries: Multimedia, communications, public relations, marketing, environment, human resources, business, finance, travel, and e...
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Mi Me Montreal, Quebec 
European baby boomer, raised in existentialist-beatnik coffee houses, arrived in vancouver, british-columbia, in 71, at 20, just in time for the late hyppie culture. Moved to montreal, quebec in 73. Also lived in alberta, ontario, south of france, with trips southern europ, united states, mexico. ...
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