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Smartessay Service  
If I think about my life, I often come to conclusion that there had always been so many opportunities which were lost forever. When I was a student, Internet was not so widespread and popular. Only a few of my friends used it on a regular basis and got some profit of it. In my opinion, it wa...
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Dedge Dore  
I'm thirteen years old and live with my mother and father. I have three older brothers, an older sister and a twin sister. my hobbies are reading and writing. I love to read books by christopher pike, r.l.stine, caroline b cooney and v.c.andrews. all my friends comsider me a book worm but i love to ...
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Myriane Aubrey Montreal, Quebec 
I'm only 15years old, but i'm writting presently writting my second novel of my first saga. The first one is 65.000 words. The second should be aroung 72.000 words. I'm writting in french, i'm good in english but I prefer french, there's nothing much to say. The Saga of Stephenie Meyer wake the writ...
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Sylvia Moscovitz Montreal, Quebec 
I'm had poetry published in literary magazines and articles published in the Montreal Gazette. Right now,I'm editing a 600-page book written by a Los Angeles psychologist, re-writing whenever he lets me, and book doctoring. I would love to be someone's ghostwriter! My portfolio also includes corpora...
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Andrew O'Kill-Griffin  
I'm currently halfway through my studies at Montreal's Concordia University. I'm majoring in Creative Writing and I write for one of the university's papers. I'm 23 and grew up in montreal and the Laurentian countryside. I speak english and french. I write short fiction, essays, poetry and articles...
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Scott Staley  
I'm a recently retired (due to an assualt) Corrections officer. I'am currently working on three stories all of which are rather ugly horror stories.
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Teresa Leuci  
I write because the stories in my head are screaming to be told. God has blessed me with a gift and I want to share that gift.
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Roger Maxwell Montreal, Quebec 
I was born in Montreal in 1967 and grew up in a small town near the New York/Quebec border. At various times since I have lived in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B. C. before finally setling, once again, in Montreal. At the moment I am editing a novel, as well as doing the occasional bit of ...
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Shoshana De Paz Montreal, Quebec 
I was born in Haifa, Israel but moved to Montreal when I was almost three years old. I kept going back and forth throughout my teens and twenties. I finally settled back in Montreal with my husband and produced two kids in my thirties. All this time, I wrote: poems, journals, articles. I began to...
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Christina Strigas  
I love to write because it makes me feel alive and complete. I feel like I have to get everything off my chest or I'll explode with all these words flowing through my head. I have my own poetry site and I recently starting to blog, but I must say my manuscripts that I am working on will one day be...
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