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Teresa Leuci  photo
Writer. The stories in my head are screaming to be told. The pages on my desk are screaming to be read. I write erotica and young-adult in the paranormal subgenre.
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Wicekicek Wicekicek  
witam wszystkich
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Sébastien Fredette  
When I was younger I never talked much, always the silent one in the corner... I found how good it was to finally let things out, describe how things feel and simply create my own world. I started writing (in french) only last summer and since then ideas have been flowing in my head like an everlast...
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Christian Nadeau Quebec, Quebec 
Well, let's see... I am a french canadian but every book I've read for the past fifteen years has been in written in english. In no way does this make me an expert but it did encourage me to start writing in the tongue I read rather than the tongue of my forebears. I have been a role-player for ...
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Wayne Mee St. Bruno, Quebec 
Wayne William Mee is a recently retired English teacher who enjoys hiking, sailing and walking his dog McDuff. But along with his wife Maggie, writing is his true love, the one he returns to to let his immagination soar. Wayne would like you to 'look him up' on FACEBOOK and click the 'Friend' bu...
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Vladimir Nicolas  
Vladimir Nicolas is born in 1979 in Haiti. In 1990, Vladimir Nicolas immigrated to Montreal (Canada). During his collegial studies at college Andre-Laurendeau, He started writing his first poems. In 2007, he published in France his first French poetry book titled Azrael dedicated to his deceased mot...
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Louis La Bont Montral, Quebec 
Until now, I have written about a dozen short stories, most of them in French, and most of the English ones very unconventional, sometimes with dark humour or irony. I intend on writing many more stories in the next few years, since people who read my stories usually find them very interesting and d...
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Claude Bouchard St-Laurent, Quebec 
University educated, management professional who took to writing as a hobby a few years ago. Have written 3 murder mystery genre novels to date, all with recurring main characters. As my writing was for fun, I never looked into publication seriously to date. However, as time goes by, I have com...
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Reeserminhk Holland  
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Denis-Martin Chabot Montral, Quebec 
Three published novels in the French-language: Manigances (2003, 2006, 2011 Editions Textes Gais, Paris) Penitence (2004, Editions de la Francophonie, Quebec City, 2004, re-edited 2011, Editions Textes Gais) Innocence (Editions Textes Gais, Paris, 2007, 2011) Accointances, connaissances et mou...
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