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Todd H. C. Fischer  
Todd Fischer has been an artist and a writer his entire life and has had several stories and pictures appear in small press journals world wide. He has also published newsletters and chapbooks where he designed layout, created and gathered content, manipulated graphics and converted files for ...
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Jamal Baksh  
To put it quite simply: I\'m just an aspiring writer trying to make it in the world albeit I am still in the process of defining my identity and- even in terms of writing- my style.
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Tracey Tressa  
To find out more about me, check out my about page which can be found at http://www.creative-writing-help.com/about-me.html
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Heather Davenport Hamilton, Ontario 
To cover the quick basics, I am a 21 year old university student. I am in my third year of a psychology honours major. I am minoring in Enlgish. I would have preferred a double-major, but I did not have room for both psychology and English. I live in Hamilton and spend a great deal of time on ...
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D.V.J. Labonte Tecumseh, Ontario 
To be updated.
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Elisabeth Henry Mississauga, Ontario photo
There was an old woman, who lived in a sh-- Oh, no; wait. Wrong bio. Elisabeth has been using pens in a creative fashion ever since she was old enough to scribble on the living room walls. Since then, Elisabeth has written millions of words -- though not all at once, of course. Her current pa...
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Shayne Nieukirk Lindsay, Ontario 
There is always a story travelling through my mind but this year I faced a life altering experience. During that time I put pen to paper and wrote a story about a little cat living in the woods whose home is destroyed by construction. He meets a lady named Elizabeth and they become friends. I hop...
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William Robling Port Hope, Ontario 
The three novels I've completed include two based in Wales, UK, and one that revolves around life in a private school where coeducation is introduced. I started writing with the aim of being able to say that I completed a novel; but now it's three! Initially I was not intent on getting published but...
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Derek Lowes Toronto, Ontario 
The party. i am so glad i met you and we just started talking at this party - have i mentioned how i LOVE parties and how great this one is sure i'm married but it is still great to know that other men like you want me did i mention i just bought a house? - did i mention how i could jus...
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B Regan Asher  
The author behind B Regan Asher has spent over 15 years working in the retail supply chain, working with major North American retailers like Walmart, and travelling to China to source and develop new products. With extensive experience in supply chain management and software, the author has in...
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