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Sunanda Mongia Toronto, Ontario 
Where are all those who started young? I too started at the age of twelve and I began with poems. Now it so happened that an aunt came across a poem of mine. Of course it was juvenile, all about how animals love each other but not us humans. She asked me,"Did you write this?". That sounded like an ...
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Janet Bellinger Orangeville, Ontario photo
When she isn'[t w riting, Janet works as a substitute teacher and language tutor. Her poem, Fool's Gold was published in NJIA magazine in Autumn 2006. She has also had newspaper and magazine articles published. Janet has written five novels and is presently looking for publishers for two of them, T...
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Louise Gervais Windsor, Ontario 
When it comes to reading, I am the winner! I read more than anyone I know and I know a lot of people. When it comes food, I'm not hard to feed but I must confess that I like my own cooking best. I enjoy making things whether it be a meal, craft, wine or book. I also like to share and therefore ...
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Helen Rossiter Ottawa, Ontario 
When I was seven years old, so the story goes, a friend of my mother's asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. "I'm going to be an author and live in an authorage," I informed her. My family has never let me forget that, and my home is now my "authorage". It's the center of my world where ...
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Hope Robertson  
When becoming a prima ballerina didn’t pan out, a young Hope Robertson turned to writing. Painstakingly, she pursued her passion through college and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications. She very quickly came to the sober realization that becoming the next uber-famous-fashio...
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Claude Gagne Sudbury, Ontario 
What can I say about me that would be of interest to you? I was born(yes I was!) However that event is not fresh in my memory. But from what I remember I was quite young at the time. What about that day? It was a hot stormy August night friday the 13 th at 12;05 am or 5 past midnight.The ful...
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Wendy Killaire  
Wendy Killaire is the published playwright of Lloyd’s Crossing, a one-act play that was originally performed by the Guelph Little Theatre in the summer of 2002, and author of a humorous, novelty book entitled Conversations from the Cottage, a book carried by several Canadian vendors. She writes regu...
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Andrea Jacobsen Thunder Bay, Ontario 
Well, I was born under the sign of Gemini, with a wooden spoon in my mouth and an irritating allergy to lactose. Oh, you don't want that bio, eh? Well, fine, though I find it rather an interesting read. As for a writing bio I started off writing and self-publishing fanfiction on the 'Net in it...
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Adam Hunter Toronto, Ontario 
Well, I was born in Stratford ON, raised in Stratford ON, and now I find myself in the wonderful metropolis of Toronto. Or, well, near Toronto, anyways... And wonderful isn\'t an adequate description, it\'s a shithole and big cities aren\'t really my thing. But nonetheless, here I am, trying to writ...
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Nikky Cullen   
Well My Name Nikita But Call Me Nikki Im 5'8 with kinda short longish hair that red in the sun but black in the dark i have brown eyes my brithday is feb 4 1995
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