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LIbby Broadbent  photo
Libby Broadbent writes with a weiner dog snuggled under her shirt, looking out over a beautiful river on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, with a glass of wine on one side and pictures of her four spawn on the other. Her real job is attempting to convince hordes of teenagers to put away their ce...
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Lisa Anthony  
It is finally time that I admit that I am a highly creative person who has a passion for most everything new that I try. I love discovering that I really like something and I enjoy the experience of opening new doors to an unexpected world. Pure delight! I am new to writing. In fact I...
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Jayda Rane Halifax, Nova Scotia photo
It is a Fall day and I wonder what brought me to this site. I just landed here for some reason. Currently I am standing in the middle of my life, in a puddle of random writing projects. Everything from lyrics to journaling to fiction to general rants to screenplays, none of which are 'out there' so ...
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Bauke Kamstra Port Williams, Nova Scotia 
I've primarily been a visual artist for the past 25 years, but have done some writing as well. Have experience in a number of occupations. Currently, and seriously, working on my first full length novel.
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David Kent Sydney, Nova Scotia 
I've gone threw several hoops and put out a lot of fires. I hate soda for some many reasons, from the taste to the marketing of the addictive product. I love walking throw the streets at night in the small town that I live in. This is when the secret society of life is awake, strange things happe...
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Sondra Mantle Truro, Nova Scotia 
I've been writing for several years, experimenting with several different styles of writing. I churn out the odd short story and write poetry when the urge hits, but my main passion is writing for the screen. There's something so satisfying about film, in that it ties my two big interests, photograp...
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Colleen M. Subasic Halifax, Nova Scotia 
I'm known in Canada as a playwright. Six of my plays have received professional productions, including one semi-national tour (Ottawa to Saskatoon) and a slot in the high profile Women in View Festival (Vancouver, 1998). Short fiction has been published in SUBTerrain and Impulse magazines, even thou...
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Anita Stewart Greenwood, Nova Scotia 
I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada and I am an independently published writer. I have been practising the craft of writing for several years, periodically interrupted by pesky events from life. I write fantasy novels, poetry, and have dabbled in non-fiction. My books are currently on the market at Lulu...
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Brian Alan Burhoe Lockeport, Nova Scotia 
I'm finally finding time to begin working on fiction drawn on Northwestern history, especially the history of the North-West Mounted Police, of which I've built a decent research library. My first published work was "Ornithanthropus," reprinted in the Lester del Rey and Brian Aldiss/Harry Harrison ...
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G.E. Fox  
I'm an aspiring writer, slaving away at my first novel. It's a daunting task considering it is the first piece of creative writing I've attempted since high school. After nearly ten years away from high school, I suddenly felt the urge to write again. Apathy towards books, as my main sources of ente...
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