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Tessa Phillips Malakwa, British Columbia 
I've been writing ever since I learned to spell. All my stories come from my dreams, or real life experiences
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Michael Yoder Victoria, British Columbia 
I've been active in my community for over 22 years and in that time, I've learned to observe some of the most interesting aspects of people. Viewing the world through an emotional lens, I understand the Creator/ God(dess)/Universe through humour. I find the relationship between the seen and ...
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John Milne Vernon, British Columbia 
I've been a full-time professional writer for more than 40 years. Four books, several hundred newspaper and magazine features, many television and film scripts and countless technical articles and brochures later, I still enjoy writing every day. "A day without writing is like a day without sunshine...
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Lauren Reynolds Burnaby, British Columbia 
I'm learning
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Dennis E. Bolen Vancouver, British Columbia 
I'm from Vancouver Island, did a BA at UVic (1977) and an MFA at UBC (1989), lived in Vancouver since 1977, worked as a social worker, educator, editor (sub- TERRAIN), publisher, writer. Six books (5 novels, one short fiction collection) published since 1992.
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Usha Krishnan Sliva  
I'm a Vancouver BC based Canadian freelance writer who has years and years of writing experienced. It's only in the recent past though that I've given up writing for agencies and have taken up freelancing. I've been fortunate enough to live and work in some amazing countries around the world; Dubai ...
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Elaine Miller Vancouver, British Columbia 
I'm a queer writer who writes mostly queer fiction. (That's "most of my fiction is of the queer genre", not "each of my pieces of fiction is mostly queer") Also I'm a columnist, and am priviledged to be paid to express my opinion. Ah, the joy of it. I'm hoping to branch out into Horror and my fir...
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Zay Smith Vancouver, British Columbia 
I'm a 26-years-old, gay father of one. I am currently in college studying psychology, but writing is my passion. Lately, I have been writing more than ever and feel that I have a lot to say with my work. In the past, I only wrote non-fiction, but lately have been writing a lot of fiction and poet...
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Rachel E Cole Vancouver, British Columbia 
I'm a 26-year-old stay-at-home-mom, living just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with my husband and two boys. Currently, I'm revising a half-dozen short stories, submitting half-a-dozen more, trying to complete my first novel (women's fiction), Less Than Picture Perfect, and star...
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SEaFor . Kamloops, British Columbia 
I'm a 19 yr old Student, living in British Columbia Canada. I haven't been writing for very long but I think i have a truly unique idea for my book and am progressing quite well in my endevours. I know I'm a Young Writer and i hope that doesn't hold me back.
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