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Jett Britnell Port Coquitlam, British Columbia 
Jett Britnell is an internationally published photojournalist, underwater photographer, travel writer, shark advocate and marine conservationist whose images and editorial appears regularly in scuba media and travel publications worldwide. He is largely credited for putting British Columbia’...
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Jane Eaton Hamilton Vancouver, British Columbia 
Jane Eaton Hamilton is the prize-winning author of Hunger, a 2002 collection of short fiction (Oberon Press ISBN 077809 1203 4). She is also the author of Jessica's Elevator (children's, Press Porcepic, '89), Body Rain (poetry, Brick. '91), Steam-Cleaning Love (poetry, Brick, '93), and July N...
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James West White Rock, British Columbia 
James West has been writing since he was in high school, and focuses on everything from obtaining venture capital to the right way to make bouillabaise. Author of Met on the Net, Mr. West writes ad copy for numerous top tier advertising agencies on a freelance basis, and his business plans are cont...
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James Heneghan North Vancouver, British Columbia 
James Heneghan is one of the foremost authors of fiction for children and young adults, often writing about teenagers who are struggling to overcome personal difficulties and struggles, James's books are acclaimed for their realistic portrayals of life and action-packed adventures.
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Jack Bass Chilliwack, British Columbia 
Jack A. Bass, B.A. LL.B The published author of three books on investments and a number of magazine articles, his books How to Make Your Money Work For You and How to Make Real Money in Real Estate were both published by Collier MacMillian. He wrote a series of articles including an outline of T...
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Dean Unger Kelowna, British Columbia 
I\'ve been writing about music and popular culture, and publishing and speaking in and on the media and communications industry for over twenty years. After graduating university I embarked upon a challenging career in investigative journalism, and over time, found my way to the magazine industry wh...
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Jessica North-O'Connell  
I've been writing since the age of seven (that's forty-three years now!), beginning with poetry and adding fiction as I became more capable of wielding language as an artform. Spent time in the mountains of the B.C. interior during the "back to the land" movement where I began performing the songs ...
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Lennon Wolf  
I've been writing since I was five. I'm now twenty-two, and have completed the first two novels in a five part saga. I have been known to talk to myself and ask myself questions. Sometimes (rather seldom) I have been known to answer. :)
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Nina Chatelain Vancouver, British Columbia 
I've been writing on and off since age 13 for much of my life. I have edited written for a health care newspaper, an employment paper, and have also written speeches for a university president, entertainment articles and reviews of film, theatre and new album releases. I am currently looking to re-...
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Colleen Anderson Vancouver, British Columbia 
I've been writing in one form or another for many years. Over 100 pieces of my fiction, poetry and articles have been published. A member of the Editors Association of Canada (EAC) I have copyedited and proofread for Canadian and US publishers and worked with individuals throughout the world. ...
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