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Michelle Gilders Cochrane, Alberta 
I have been writing professionally since the early 1990s and have written several non-fiction books and contributed to several anthologies on environmental subjects. My main interests are environmental subjects and the human impact on the environment. I am the author of Reflections of a Whale-Wa...
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Sallie Ritchey Calgary, Alberta 
I have been in the design feild for over 14 years, writing for 7 years and in the film industry as a set decorator when I was stationed in Vancouver, 1990 - 1997. I am self-employed right now designing and a coordinator for teaching an interior decorating program in the Artspace Building in Calgar...
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Kevin Hare  
I have been a practicing writer for about six years. I have had a couple articles printed in local papers and a few poetry pieces. I have several works listed at Triond.com - all of which, and details about my first book, can be viewed at my website - http://www3.webng.com/writeturntotheleft.
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Maurice Engler Calgary, Alberta photo
I have a technical background, an engineering degree, 15 years software development experience in the small company high-tech environment, 10 years sales in this environment. I have a strong interest in the special environment that exists in these companies and how sales people must learn to functi...
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Charles Goulet Evansburg, Alberta 
I have a B.A. in history and a B. Ed in English. My main interest is French Canadian history which I incorporate in most of my writing. I have written a series of books, The Marin Family Chronicles, which tell the story of a family from its entry into Acadia, New France in 1670 to 2000. At prese...
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Paul Kho Calgary, Alberta 
I had written a wide variety of short stories. I have a life long fascination with science and where it is leading us. I am a certified electronic technologist and I am seriously considering having my stories published but I don't know where to go, who to contact or how to start.
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James Gainer Calgary, Alberta 
I guess this is where I am suppose to write something completely witty, funny, and interesting to entice you into staying and taking a look around. Um --- what to say, what to say? As a writer you’d think words would come really easily wouldn’t you? Wrong! I think one of the biggest challenges, as a...
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Titana Daniels  
I grew up on a small reserve called Eden Valley in the province of Alberta Ca. I started writing poetry when I was 14 and as I grew older I came to realize poetry wasn't about ryming. Poetry was about being one with the words you write. to conclude my Bio. I will say poetry is my life........ ...
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Irene R. Edmonton, Alberta 
I graduated university with an honours degree in literature, art history and history, then spent years studying the above at the master's level. Following this and an advanced degree in counselling, I was employed as a mental health therapist for many years, which provided profound insights into psy...
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Serj Lukus Edmonton, Alberta 
I can't communicate and don't know how to talk Can easily run, forgot how to walk, I'm able to sing, but I cannot scream, Remember to drown, forgot how to swim. I know what is love, but I cannot feel, Know how to empty and not how to fill, Know how to remember, but not to forget, I've done ma...
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