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Karri Flatla Lethbridge, Alberta 
I am a small business Internet marketing consultant who works with entrepreneurs seeking to build their profile online. By putting the right words into their web pages and other marketing materials, small business owners can speak more effectively to their target audiences and ultimately build thei...
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Donna Curtis Edmonton, Alberta 
I am a single mother raising two children. I'm a journeyman electrician, on sabbatical while I pursue my writing career. I've had a book of poetry published, and have had a few articles published in our local newspaper.
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Donna Short Edmonton, Alberta 
I am a retired Licenced Practical Nurse still working in the medical field. For many years I also worked in sales and as a buyer. Both fields allow me to study interesting humans especially around the time of the full moon. I have two children and one grandson. The Travelling Grannies, meaning m...
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Heather Cook Calgary, Alberta photo
I am a non-fiction writer and columnist involved in the Western performance horse industry.
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Jenn Humphrey  
I am a mother of two daughters, ages 3 Ĺ years and eight months. Iíve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I worked as a journalist for a year for an online magazine called Spinzone where I also did HTML programming and webpage design. I have a Writing Diploma from The Institute ...
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Paul Aynscough Noosa, Alberta 
I am a Journalism stuent as well as a Creative writing Minor and on the side of studies I am atempting to write my frist novel. I live in Australia, a country that is fast becomming an influence to many contries around the world and I know that it has a vast and often unexplored history both in its'...
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Taira Prosk Lac La Biche, Alberta 
I am a grade eight teacher. I have had a poem published, which I wrote when I was in grade eight about the trials and tribulations of firendship at this tough age. I have also written a children's book, titled "Just Because" about a young boy who asks many questions and is often answered "Just Bec...
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Sandra Petrich  
I am a freelance writer with a destiny to educate and protect our children and the disadvantaged against the tyranney of fascism. I write creative non fiction and fiction and am currntly exploring all the genres including poetry. Words are a breathing entity, powerful like the Shaman, electricity th...
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Amber Scott  
I am a freelance game designer and aspiring novelist. I write rules for the Dungeons & Dragons and d20 systems, mostly for Paizo Publishing (Dungeon and Dragon Magazines), Wizards of the Coast, and Arthaus (the World of Warcraft d20 game). I have also done gratis fiction and game content for Giant i...
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Richard Bishop Calgary, Alberta 
I am a free lance writer who pubishes 10 - 15 pieces a year in a variety of Englsh language Canadian and American magazines. i also have Technichal Writing Certificate from Mount Royal College in Calgary and usually supply my own photos for my articles.
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