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Jim Zimmerman JANESVILLE, Wisconsin 
I've worked as a manager since I was 18 years old, starting with Hardee's (fast food) and then to Super America until the company (Ashland Oil) was sold to Marathon Oil. I then went to a small company called Jacob Homes, where I worked for six years as a sales manager. During my employment with Jac...
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Richard Chamberlin Madison, Wisconsin 
I've recently completed my first book-a 50,000 word memoir called, Hitchhiking From Vietnam: Seeking The Ox. It's a rather unconvention story about my search for spiritual fulfillment. It revolves around a hitchhiking trip to California that I took in 1975 with a guy I thought might be my guru. T...
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Eddie Hamm Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 
I've moved all over for most of my life. I've never moved out of state or anything, but I never really stayed in the same area for more than 5 years. I've lived in over 7 different houses in the past 7 years... not a good thing. I've been working on a book that I was hoping to title "The Greatest...
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Dorsey LeCompte Genoa City, Wisconsin 
I've just retired from the United States Public Health Service after twenty years as a medical officer. My medical experience includes hospital care, psych nursing, working with the Immigration Service, Border Patrol, Federal Bureau of Prisons and, lastly, the Health Care Finnance Administration now...
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Matt McElroy Waukesha, Wisconsin 
I've been writing off-and-on for years and have several projects in the works currently. I'm a big fan of Horror and Bleak Future books, games and more. I'm always looking for other talented folks to work with on some of my upcoming books and games.
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S.F. Falkner Madison, Wisconsin 
I've been writing every day now for three years and yet I'm still a newbie. I've completed my first horror novel and am currently looking for an agent/publisher. In the meantime, I'm just about halfway through my second book and thinking about the third. I was born in 1973 in a small town in N...
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M.P. McDonald Silver Lake, Wisconsin 
I'm the author of 9 novels on Amazon. All are available in print, ebook, and audio. I'm currently working on my 10th book.
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Manda Dinh Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
I'm seventeen years old, and just starting out writing. I am currently looking to publish my work, and am in need of an agent. I don't have much experience, but I hope to become a great writer. I am interested in writing novels, short stories, and poems. I currently have two short stories done, nine...
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Sarah Herrmann Madison, Wisconsin 
I'm just passing through. I was studying Biochemistry at UW-Madison, but I am taking a break. I am married and I have a child and I love to write children's books, although I haven't published anything. I am working on several different books that have to do with observations about life and religi...
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Abigail Konitzer Kenosha, Wisconsin 
I'm from Wisconsin - I have written a series of books for teenage girls. I'm still working to perfect my writing skills. I plan to go to college for English/Communications. I would like to be an author or tv screenwriter.
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