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Kyle Bella Kenosha, Wisconsin 
Wisps of smoke danced from the chimneys of houses and floated away, soon to be forgotten. The sun was just beginning to rise up and greet the new day, arms outstretched. Down on Coggs Street, the sounds of the new day could already be heard. Millers, merchants, and bakers were busy grinding, baki...
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Paul Schroeder New Berlin, Wisconsin 
what's the 21st century going to be? my story takes people through it. Many subjects are casually reviewed. Major issues dominating this century include how to achieve long distance space travel, speculation about alien life, overpopulation of earth, and the runaway legal system and liability law...
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Marc Karpuleon Eau Claire, Wisconsin 
Well, I don't namely know what to put here ... I'm twenty-five; recently graduated from college and have a new novel under the wings, so to say. I'm in the market in the market for an agent/publisher and hope "Writers.Net" can do what it can for me. That's the long and the short of it.
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Spencer Meffert Waunakee, Wisconsin 
We are looking for people who wish to have their work exposed to the world with opportunities for communal editing and eventual publication. Publishing will be done via website then move on to physical formats. This is an amazing chance to get your work out and into the world where it will be no...
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Fight for Thought Madison, Wisconsin 
We are Fight for Thought, an new grass-roots indie publishing co. in madison, wi. Fight for Thought was created in frustrated response to corporate agent labeling of "unmarketability."
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Fight_for Thought Madison, Wisconsin 
We are a new grassroots independent publishing organization in Madison, WI who is seeking "unmarketable" writings.
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Troy Schoultz Marshfield, Wisconsin 
Troy Schoultz is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where he earned a degree in English/Creative Writing and presided as editor of The Wisconsin Review (1993-1995). He is also a recipient of The Douglas E. Flaherty Memorial Poetry Award (1994) as well as the UW-Oshkosh Eleventh Annua...
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Tassany Prasoeuthsy  
Thus far, I would categorize myself as an artist by heart. I've always enjoyed "free" writing. That is, writing without any grammatical rules to follow. I suppose that is why I enjoy peotry. Also, I can't leave out photography. As the lens on my camera are like glasses to my eyes. I see things so di...
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Joshua Cleveland Ladysmith, Wisconsin 
Through hard and extensive work, I would live to have my book viewed by the masses around the country and the world. I am Josh Cleveland, 19, from the town of Ladysmith--a couple hours northeast of Minneapolis. With great interest, I have delved into one of my passions—creating something from nothin...
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E Forrest Hein Sullivan, Wisconsin photo
This 74 year old writer has completed his first mystery The Ruach Project that has been described as a fast paced thriller packed with twists and turns and a surprising ending. Hein, is a retired banker by profession. This page turner will keep you on the edge of your seat. John Barry has s...
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