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KRISTOPHER DUKES Los Angeles, California photo
When Kristopher Dukes was eight she decided she’d be a writer and by age 10 she was publishing—writing, editing, illustrating, and distributing—a muckraking magazine on playground scandals. She moves fast. And faster still: Kristopher co-founded a non-profit publication while she was 16 (Tyro ...
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Victor Daniels  
When I was a child my parents were civilian employees of the Army and Air force, so I spent more than six years in Germany, France, and England as well as Northern and Southern California and the Central Valley, Florida, and Nebraska. After Capuchino High School (yes, it really does exist, named aft...
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Lawrence Goldberg Burbank, California 
What's it to ya?
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Homero Barragan  
What you know is only, and only, a need to know basis. Just to let you know, I'm not really a very good speller. Lord knows I try, but I'm just not. I havent written anything in a while, but I' still try. I generally do short stories, a vareity topics, love, hate, fantasy, comedy. Stuff like that. J...
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Aurora Star-Raven  
What is there really to say? I live my life, and when it goes to crap, i vent through writing or hitting a punching bag. I was inspired to write in the second grade when i first read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. And i have loved it ever since because i found that i have many sto...
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James French Oakland, California 
What is the Author to say about Himself? He is dead, and yet he continues to hammer out missives into the darkness as though there were a body of living flesh that some Seeker could hope to communicate with. It is a farce. Yet we play it to the full, because it is ours. When his bones are picked ...
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Robert B Newbury Park, California 
What is it that I can say about myself that doesn\'t sound like a compilation of BS. I am creative and direct. I have a great imagination but can separate reality from fiction. I have discovered the joys of writing. I write for myself first and then for anyone willing to read my thoughts. I am...
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Joe Kwak San Jose, California 
What is a writer? A writer is one who writes. Many make a big deal about the fact that Jack Kerouac wrote, “On the Road,” in a single, 21 day stretch behind a typewriter. I read it in a single day behind a cup of coffee. Nobody makes a big deal about that. It must have been something, bef...
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Matthew Howe San Leandro, California 
What do I like to write about? If I said anything you'd hurt me, so I'll specify. I revel in both ends of the spectrum - absurdist humor and profound melancholy. There's a beauty in blending those, and so I try. I get a kick out of writing dark fiction; editorial essays on current events; rant-style...
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Tufiatani Kaau  
Well-traveled, multilingual
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