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Heather Moore  
I'm the author of the historical fiction series, Out of Jerusalem--based on a family who emigrates from Jerusalem to Mesoamerica in 600 B.C. Currently, I'm working on a modern-day thriller centered around the search for the Queen of Sheba's tomb. I'm married with four children. And I can't write unl...
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Simetra Bomberger  
I'm sixteen, on the colorguard, in both the school's choirs, drama guild and Japanese guild. I go to Japan once a year for a sort of mini foreign exchange program thing. I have a very descriptive style of writing, probably too lengthy on the describing, but oh well. My family used to train birds as ...
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Hailey Lamoreaux  
I'm sixteen right now and I'm begining to look into my options for the future. I don't nessicarily need an agent right now, but I would appreciate anyone that could give me information about getting my book published. I will definately be looking for an agen in the next two year, I'm waiting until I...
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Chance Cox Ogden, Utah 
I'm nineteen years old, and I have little more than a high school diploma, a lifetime love affair with words, my passion, and seven years of stubborn dedication to writing every chance I get to go on, but I love what I do, and I'm decent at it, and my mind is like a veritable idea factory; a p...
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Alan Price Salt Lake City, Utah 
I'm going to try and be a writer when I get threw school. Until then I'm working on the stories I want to publish when that time comes. I try to do as much reading and writing that I can.
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Larry Forkner Salt Lake City, Utah 
I'm fifty years old and have been writing part-time for the past twenty-plus years. My first book was published in 1999 by a small publisher in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am currently looking for an agent to help market my next two books, since I was very unhappy with the publisher of my first book. ...
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Judd Bagley Salt Lake City, Utah 
I'm continually surprised by the challenges I've been able to meet. Seriously. Fiction, non-fiction, promotional, political, speeches, comedy, and all that business. My point is, I can do your job. Just give me a well-defined set of parameters, resources, and goals, and I will get the job done.
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Lara Candland  
I'm an on-again off-again Ph.d student and writing teacher looking to move into a commercial arena (i.e. looking to quit my day job). My poetry has appeared in numerous journals and won several awards, and my manuscript of poems ALBURNUM OF THE GREEN AND LIVING TREE has been a finalist in several c...
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Sherrie Craig Ogden, Utah 
I'm a voracious reader......
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Samantha Huntsman Cedar City, Utah photo
I'm a student at Southern Utah University, and I'm also a Forensic Chemistry Major. I'll be getting my bachelor's degree in the spring 2011. I have been writing creatively as long as I can remember, and I wrote my first novel when I was 16. I am now rewriting that novel, which was originally set in ...
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