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Shirley Marrs  
Married 37 years. 3 children, 5 grandchildren. Own and run a photography studio. Have lots of book ideas and need to know the best way to get published.
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William Polden Jonesborough, Tennessee 
Male/ 52/ married 24 yrs / rasied 6 children / christian faith / writing all my life and seeking \'rewards\' of many of previously written novels & short stories written over 30 years Only one (1) has ever been released (goggle > William F. Polden Sr. {The best present I ever had})and I conciter tha...
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Dyson Boyd Puryear, Tennessee 
Life is my biography. I have gained, through experience and observation, worlds of factual and practical knowlede about love, hate, pride, joy, commitment, etc. that have helped my through life. Starting as a little boy, I wrote delightful little poems and stories that found there way into the hea...
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Lee Ann Newton Murfreesboro, Tennessee 
Lee Ann Newton 3430 Leslie Lane Murfreesboro, TN 37128 Leeannnewton81@gmail.com www.unclesamsheroes.com Lee Ann Newton is the CEO of Uncle Sam’s Heroes, an organization dedicated to the support of American veterans; past, present and future. USH creates volunteer opportunities for Americans...
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Lavel Wideman Knoxville, Tennessee 
Lavel Wideman, fascinated with the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Shirley Jackson, and Rod Serling, loves to write her own works of horror which she calls “Poverty-horror,” a mixture of Twilight Zone meets the world of the homeless. Her book series, The Homeless Drifter’s Night Tales, will be self-pub...
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El Glynn Kandahar afghanistan, Tennessee 
just a soldier who has a few ideas that he would like to see if are good enough for print.
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Anton Jacik Medina, Tennessee 
Just a Miami boy now living in the sticks of 10-A-C. I am a memeber of the local VFW post and an honor guard rifleman. I also work as the bartender for the post. I am a lifeguard for the pool during the summer, I help with cooking, carving, parties, serving as a waiter, do construction, mostly air-...
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Laura Buxbaum Cordova, Tennessee 
Journaling has been a passtime I've always indulged in even before I knew it was therapeutic. My overwhelming desire to write a memoir, based on the unique theater group I co-founded, led me to writers.net. In pursuit of this goal, I have also enrolled in an online class on memoir writing. The the...
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John McDonald  
JOHN CRAIG MCDONALD lives in Blountville, Tennessee, with Karen, his wife of thirty-two years, and with two cats and two dogs. Their daughter, Kate, and her husband, Justin Reynolds, live in the Borders of Scotland, not far from Crichton Castle. Their son, Seth, works in Cincinnati. For most of the ...
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Jeanne Steele Clarksville, Tennessee photo
J.M.Steele is a published author of three titles. Letter's of Love(poems)ISBN:1-58898-379-x Passport ISBN:1-4137-4480-x Turning The Pages of Life (a collection of poems)ISBN:1-4137-6469-x J.M.Steele is currently working on her latest novel.
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