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Elizabeth Anne Lang Souix Falls, South Dakota 
I'm a 15 year old, with an interest in the noble art of writing. I will be going into high school soon and want to know what my options are if I want to continue writing. Well ofcourse I'll continue to write, it's not something you just stop doing, but if I want to seriously persue getting publishe...
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Angela Morgan Rapid City, South Dakota 
I was born and raised in a home town that prides itself in their sourounding tourist traps. I was fortunate enough to grow up among the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Also known as GOD"S country! I have traveled a little and found out like Dorthy Gale has repeatedly said,"There's no place l...
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Raizyl Duque  
i want to write...it says it all...
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Mick Zerr Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
I have written poetry, including \"The Cottonwood\", short children\'s stories about Gnomes, including \" The Fishing Gnome and Forfriskendelig\", historical fiction including \"Leif Ericson and the Peanut Bird\", and \"Chief Drifting Goose and Taps\".
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Muhammad Mazhar Khan Karachi, South Dakota 
I have lately earned my degree in the discipline MA English form the University of Karachi, Pakistan... I have been trying to establish myself as a freelance writer/ satirist. As for this, my work has been published in the form of Annotation for the students heading for the examination of MA here...
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Diana Storm Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
I have had one short story published which was about a true life "adventure" of my own. Since I chose a slightly different way of living life I have had many "different" life experiences and currently have three different books started regarding those experiences. Need help now getting those books...
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David Koenig Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
I have been writing for 25 years, and have at least ten solid projects in the works. The forerunner right now is a movie entitled 'tempe'. The last four years the focus has been on 'tempe'. It is a fascinating project that has it all. All the content expected of a blockbuster film.
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Gwen Baxter Worthing, South Dakota 
I grew up in a small town that still to this day has no more than 1,000 people. All my friends were boys so I've become acustom to their way of doing things. Playing football, videogames, and rock music was all i did. When I was two I almost drowned when I walked off a bridge on an outting with my f...
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Jack Swanson Ipswich, South Dakota 
I am just lucky enough to live on a farm (ranch) in South Dakota. Hot dry summers, cold hard snowy winters. All of my life I have written things. Professional articles, poems, short stories, etc. But five years ago after much proding from some school teachers who knew of an idea I had, I finally st...
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Maria Elisa Beth Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
I am interested in the craft and joy of writing. I've been writing for 20 years because of the fulfillment it provides in my life. I am finishing my Bachelor's degree in English and am actively seeking an agent for the publication of my first novel, "An Autumn to Remember". This is the story ...
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