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Rosalind Collins  
iam a hair stylist for eighteen years and been throught alot in life want to share some of my heart aches and pain and happness with other and let them know that it is good to be alive and i have no writing experience on writing except in my mind i always want to write a book and always said it woul...
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Jael Dupre Lyman, South Carolina 
I've been writing since I was a young child, so it's time to actually FINISH a novel and do something with it. So far, I have five different projects going. Yeah, it gets a little crazy. Along with writing, I do wildlife rescue. Between wrestling with raccoons, and chasing squirrels, I somehow ma...
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Gary West Greenwood, South Carolina 
I've been an educator for 30+ years. I write regularly for education journals, covering topics related to curriculum, management, technology, and more. I particularly like to write instructional or technical pieces. For example, I've just completed a piece for an educational administrators' journ...
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Melissa Allen Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
I'm young, but I'm smart, and I've embraced what I want to- writing. It's what I eat and sleep. It's what I breath and what I love. It is my passion.
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Heather Dade  
I'm not sure about how to label myself. I have been published but not by a major publishing company. I have submitted my poems into different contests and they have been published in different anthologies. Right now I have published 5. Other than that I am just your average a 19 year old college ...
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Linda Huynh Fort Mill, South Carolina 
I'm Linda Huynh, 14 years old. I love to write about anything. Either in poetry or stories or whatever. But, I think I do best when I do creative writing. And, I don't really know how to get my poems out in the open, so I'll just post them up here.
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Belinda Bright Greenville, South Carolina 
I'm just beginning my journey as a writer. Although I've written for years, most of the work was short stories revolving around amusing events in my life. These were posted on my website, LIFE ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, along with my artwork and photography. Then, during a very dark time in my life, the...
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James Johnson  
I'm Jamie, I am trying to write my first novel. I am only 15 but I have great hope about it. I don't want to make writing a career but I do want to write in my free time. I have been working on this book for about two years now. I haven't really taken it seriously until recently when I was reading o...
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Brittany Brandt Williamston, South Carolina 
I'm Brittany Brandt. I am in need of an agent. I'm a girl who has dreams far too big for the town in which I currently reside. I do various types of writing. I would like to put a book out there that tells my story. I was the "crazy" kid that was sent away to various hospitals and centers for ...
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William Roberts  
I'm an independent management consultant and a life coach, who specializes in working with managers and executives. For more years than I like to admit, I've been a part time writer. Over the years I have sold some magazine articles and written chapters for family history books. I'm very proud of...
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