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Pam Cameron Monticello, Arkansas 
I'm a college student studying to be an elementary school teacher! This summer I began writing a guide book for people in the process of leaving the Christian faith. I was inspired to write this book after my own exodus from the faith, which started a year ago. I know first hand how difficult, a...
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Deborah Buss Foreman, Arkansas 
I'm a 33 year old poet who is about to jump headlong into writing a book for young adults. The concept of the book came from a question my oldest daughter asked me one day. My father was in the military so, needless to say, we moved around alot. I have gotten used to a life where we move quite a...
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Roy Elrod Monette, Arkansas 
I'm 49, married with four kids, ex marine,ex land surveyor.Since august 15 2000 i've written and completed two novels, unpublished at this time, with four other books started, outlines of three more in my head. At this time I have one, adventure, one drama and one horror novel,i write where my mind ...
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Hope  Lowery  
I'm 16 years old and I love to write! I always seem to write about my opinions or feelings, and or the society.
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Hannah Johnson  
I work as a housekeeper and I would love to be a published writer. I am a thirty two year old female from a small town in Arkansas. I have been married to the same man for ten years. I have a big support system of people who are helping and behind me to pursue this.
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Sam Roberts Batesville, Arkansas 
I was published once, I have a poem called "Maestro the Magic Marlin". Which was published by "The American league of Poets". Hearing that this was a complete scam is disheartening, but I will not only continue to write, but build my character, and imagination as a writer. Writing fiction comes natu...
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Matt Butler Fayetteville, Arkansas 
I was born into a broken family in 1986. My earliest childhood memories are nothing more than a fog, underneath are instances of being herded into a bedroom in the back of the house with my sisters to watch Roseanne, while my parents tested the quality of our Clap-Lamps by throwing them at each othe...
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Courtney Baney Cherry Valley, Arkansas 
I was born in Arkansas and its what I know though it isn't what I feel destined for. My dad is a cop and my mom is a nurse. I have wanted to be a writer since I was in the first grade and wrote a short story about a snowman. I have two biological sisters; the youngest of which is about to make me an...
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Sherrel Hendrix Arkadelphia, Arkansas 
I was born in Arkadelphia,ar on September4,1945.I have worked with children all my life. I have four children of my own and ten grandchildren. I began writing poetry in March of 1997. I am a person that have visions and most of my dreams that I have had became a reality. I was sitting in church ...
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Teresa Figley Conway, Arkansas 
I was born and raised in Arkansas I worked in a beauty salon for 31 years hearing tales of the unknown by many people. I just believe there is more to this world than meets the eye.
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