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Corey Deitz Little Rock, Arkansas 
In my over 20 years in radio, I have worked in cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Virginia Beach. I have also maintained radioEARTH, my personal website, for almost ten years providing showprep ideas to other Radio Personalities and general radio information to the publ...
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Art Lillo  
I've been a professional musician for most of my life and have traveled the world, pulling heartstrings by sharing my music. A musicians life alows a lot of free time as they travel on tour. This has also given me the time to persue another of my dreams....story telling. I've finished Eighty ni...
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Vincent Sydni Conway, Arkansas 
I'm seventeen, nearly eighteen. I'm a pretty strange kid. Don't really fit in, and I don't try to anymore :)
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Steven Stillwell  
I'm not going to divulge any of my achievements except for one... When you find the truth, noting else really matters... Jesus Christ is the absolute embodiment of TRUTH, and we can trust in the Biblical account... On judgment day, the only achievement GOD will recognize is SALVATON.
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Ruth Pearson  
I'm from arkansas, married for 7yrs. I graduated from high school in 95. I went to a votech school for computer repair for 2yrs. Graduated from computer repair with a's and b's. I'm a proud of that. Even though i wanted to learn more with computers. I write as a hobbie. I like to write, but i...
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Kathy Lecy  
I'm currently working on a paranormal romance novel with a Southern Gothic leaning, and when finished, will begin searching for a literary agent. I write short stories in a variety of genres, the one commonality being they all fall to the left side of strange. Under my pen name, WK Tucker, several w...
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Rebecca Haden Fayetteville, Arkansas 
I'm a professional SEO writer, doing primarily web content and professional blogging. I'm also a writer for the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture.
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Robin Miller Little Rock, Arkansas 
I'm a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and would LOVE to meet up with other local writers in my area!
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April Fortner  
I'm a K12.com learning coach with an honors physics and chemistry degree. In my free time, I write a how-to section in 501 Life Magazine and work on my first fantasy/romance novel. I have a few articles published on Yahoo! Voices, but have discovered that the enjoyment of writing for them is overs...
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Neal Colston  
I'm a journalist (copy editor) working on the Op/Ed pages for two 50,000 plus circulation newspapers. I have extensive experience in activist community journalism as well as experience with the developmentally disabled, technology and student issues. My journlistic interests lie in how issues affect...
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