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Nealie Leggett Monticello, Arkansas 
I work in the healthcare field and with youth groups in my community. I have completed a 27,393 word manuscript titled The Seven Little Dragons and am researching for an agent.The manuscript is geared toward middle grade to teens.I have a desire to contribute to the genre after getting hooked on fa...
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Wayne Foster Lepanto, Arkansas 
I was born in a small town in Arkansas. I also grew up to have two marriages behind me. The reason I have two marriages behind me is, there wont be a third. I hope to write my novel and have it made into a movie.
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Travis French Rogers, Arkansas 
I am 36 and single with no children which in my neck of the woods means two things, I must be demented and I have got all the time in the world to do whatever I want to do. Although I do come from a relatively small corner of the world I have traveled, seen, and done more then most ever get to, fro...
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E.J. Jones Pine Bluff, Arkansas 
Hello World, Through tragedy and Blessings I have the found the nurturing of writing. It takes me to a place where there are no mistakes, everyday problems are as good as you make them. My very interesting family consits at the moment of 172 grandchildern,(collectively). There are 13 childe...
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Patricia Hines Newark, Arkansas 
A student of life with over 30 years of experience in office management, grant writing, manual writing, and general business writing. I have been and still am a caregiver for people with various medical issues, as well as mental illness, autism, and mental retardation. I am a certified Life Coa...
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Darren Hanson Cedarville, Arkansas 
I was raised in children homes, as well as foster homes. When I turned fifeteen I was already on my own. I started writing when I was fourteen. So I have been writing as of now just over half of my life. I learned when I first starting writing that if it would not have been for ink and paper I wo...
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Chris Rohm Maumelle, Arkansas 
I like to write, illustate, and bring to you worlds of fantasy, adventure, and unknown dangers... Worlds where the strength of a young hero can be the difference between life or a horrible death... Worlds of exotic creatures never seen before, written about, or even known to exist outside of fair...
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Charles Ezell Sr Bee Branch, Arkansas 
"The best is yet to come."
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Randy Briggs Fort Smith, Arkansas photo
The summer of my 9th year my brother I were sent to live with my grandparents. It was not our fault, the pseudo-adoption; rather, my single mother had some problems of her own. As a result we were delivered to Paul and Wanda's front door step in dirty sweats and unwashed hair. I do not remember ...
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Kathryn Weaver Hot springs, Arkansas 
My name is Kathryn and for many years I have been interested in writing books. I enjoy watching crime and suspense shows, especially those with technical and scientific information. I prefer to watch shows that give me information that I can use in my writing, such as CSI, The New Detectives,...
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